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Performed by Pink Floyd

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skydiving / flight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/09

"This song is about herion...thats all there is to it...yes it can be deciphered in many ways...but come on.. "Theres no sensation to compare with this. Suspended animation in a state of bliss""

Its obvious you've never experienced flight. To me, this song is about skydiving. Theres no sensation to compare with this. Suspended animation in a state of bliss. You should try it sometime. Apparently Gilmour loved aircrafts.

I'm not a little boy.. | Reviewer: Carson | 9/11/09

I'm not young and I'm well educated. I am sorry. I do think the songs about mushrooms. it matches too well. it may be double meaninged but if you've ever had a spiritual experience with mushrooms, the video ebodies your experience when all other descriptions fail too. If you've never had an experience like it, you just won't relate. I had mushrooms with indians and was never the same. There is nothing like it and this song is about it.. my opinion!

nothing to do with drugs | Reviewer: someone who knows what he's talking about | 7/14/09

you people who say this is about drugs are idiots. this was on the album A Momentary Lapse In Reason which was made after Waters left the band. they were already far beyond their drug years and besides, Pink Floyd has never been a band to directly glorify drug use in their music, even if their early sound was heavily influenced by psychedelics.

though I dont know exactly what it means, its likely just another Floyd song based upon beautiful dream-like imagery like Echoes or Point Me At The Sky. Pink Floyd has always had some of the most incredibly beautiful and poetic lyrics of any band in existence especially when Syd Barrett was still sane. the lyrical quality of Floyd songs is second only to Bob Dylan

Did you know... | Reviewer: floylover | 7/15/09

That Gilmour is an aircraft lover and even had a museum about it?
In the song we can also hear the voice of Nick Manson, a pilot himself, making a "checklist"? This music is about flying, and the adventure of Gilmour as a new leader of Pink Floyd.

Ignorance is bliss | Reviewer: A real Floyd fan | 7/11/09

Ignorant children who have no idea about Pink Floyd! You obviously have no clue about Pink Floyd if you think this song is about heroin. No member of the Floyd was ever involved with heroin. Sure they did recreational drugs but what musician who grew up in the 60's and 70's didn't. Gilmour wrote the song and if you think he ever did heroin then you are on crack! Rest In Peace Richard!

heroin,i don't think so | Reviewer: eugine | 6/11/09

This song could be about so many things, i don't think there's anything about it that screams heroin.If it's about drugs it could be about any of them. No sensation compares to shrooms either or any other sensation. I think it's about picking your ass up and learning to do for yourself and to be free, but that's just how I see it.Anybody talking in certainty's, that isn't david gilmour, is kinda wrong.

What a trip | Reviewer: Dave | 3/19/09

The thing I've always admired about Pink Floyd, particularly Gilmour (and Waters at times) is the lyrical craftmanship and the instrumental ingenuity.

Pink Floyd's music is the kind you can blast through a good sound system with the lights off and it will take you somewhere... just the melodies alone will pick you up and sweep you away to a whole different world.

Philie Blunt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/09

This song is about herion...thats all there is to it...yes it can be deciphered in many ways...but come on.. "Theres no sensation to compare with this. Suspended animation in a state of bliss" ...Damn it might be hard to get if ya aint been there yourself...but trust me..even the shit about unheeded warnings, i thought id thought of everything.. this song =herion.. im not tryin to piss on anyone elses opinion here dont get me wrong..just think about it... on another note whoever the anoyn poster i agree with you so farkin much bout floyd lyrics being tangible.. "it means so many things to so many different people, yet means SOMEthing to nearly everyone." thats just fuckin beautiful man! id even call it lyrically floydian :Þ

Great song | Reviewer: jmarky | 3/11/09

This song can be seen in many ways. The way I see it is, being able to face your fears and finding out once you have faced them, you feel exhilerated and free. Everyone has had something they knew they wanted/had to do(started a buisness, asked a girl out on a date, wanted to fly or learn to swim ect.) and had scary feelings up to the point when you made the change, once you did it and found out it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be is when you felt free. Its about going for what you want to do and reach your goals in life. Because life can be scary in many situations, but once you bust through the inital fear, you find there is nothing to fear, and you achieved the goal you set out to do. Just my take!

Something for everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/08

It's easy to take meaning from this song - all KINDS of meanings. And that's what makes this one of so many great Floyd songs - it means so many things to so many different people, yet means SOMEthing to nearly everyone. This quality makes many Floyd songs what they are - tangibly, the lyrics can be sort of cryptic, but on reflection, take on profound meanings to some.
I love this song because of the sense of yearning it conveys...never mind the wonderful symbolism of flight, freedom,'s the "reaching for the sky" element that moves me.
Cool riffs too. Dam, that Gilmour boy kin play, huh?

Something for everone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/08

Like so many great Floyd songs, the apparently cryptic lyrics hide a simply beautiful idea. Gilmour is amazing at writing this kind of stuff.
It's easy to find apparent meanings in this song - flight, freedom, release...the thing that moves me is the sense of yearning, "reaching for the sky". Whether it's the spirit longing for light or nothing more than wanting to fly, it's a great sentiment.
Another homerun for the Floyd Boys.

A definite must for a crisis/a deep moment.. | Reviewer: trapper | 10/7/08

Yes, got me through a rough time aswell.... a time when I discovered them, after seeing the tapes and then the C.D´s from my Aunt´s, maybe I could say what she was going through now. 10 years later, well, I do understand.

This is it......

what it means to me | Reviewer: durkadurkastany | 8/14/08

this song got me through a really rough time... i was splitting up with my fiancee... anyway i took the song and made it my own... by that i mean when i heard the song... forgetting about what it is or isnt about and it spoke wonderful words. for me it was more about spiritual freedoom and in a way spiritual forgiveness to myself...

Standing alone my senses reeled
A fatal attraction is holding me fast
How can I escape this irresistible grasp?

always one of my favorites | Reviewer: Russolini | 7/25/08

Along with Comfortably Numb.... I can see the perspective of the pilot- as one that's aspired to be a professional pilot. As one that's aspired for anything, really. Knowing the aviation terms helps illustrate the struggle for something that is truly hard to achieve, but also the beauty of the simple thought of how wonderful it would be to be a winged wonder, and escape the "gravity" of real life. The vapor trail, or contrail, is huge. Watching the effects of one's travels, path, efforts, is probably one of the most important parts of our travels. To be somewhere, part of the journey is to see where you've been, to make that comparison.

I actually just wanted to mention the brief moment in the song where you hear the radio chatter...

"mixtures: rich. propellers: forward. flaps: set, two degrees. rate of consumption, check....
(etc, etc) strobes: on. something something, ready for departure. something something. something winds, 10 knots." that's the best buildup, best setup for any song. another thing that seals the deal is the "phazer" that makes the vocals sound like they're coming through a cloud. who cares what the song is really about, because it could cover so many different areas of human life, you could apply it to almost anything. There; you have genius.

In regards to Comfortably Numb about being at a dentist's.... well... I thought of it that way... the last time I was at a dentist, I was having a root canal... which is an incredibly painful procedure. Made more painful by the fact that the nitrous oxide "laughing gas" they dosed me with didn't really work because I'm no lightweight (even at the worst of times).... this was when I decided to quit my job and start my own business. Because I realized, while I was going through this several hour procedure of having tiny drills repeatedly put into me in rather sensitive parts of my mouth and jaw, that I was actually happier than I was during my day job.... no joke. I actually had a brief conversation with the dentist performning this, told him the "anaesthetic" wasn't really working but I didn't mind so much because... really... this was better than being at work. This was when Comfortably Numb came into my head, unbidden. I wasn't numb. I felt the pain. But it was better than the stress, and I felt, believe it or not, more comfortable than I did at my office job. When I quit my job, I told my boss the reason was because I would rather have a root canal every day than show up at my job every day (seriously). Go figure. The dentist asked me what my job was, and I couldn't imagine how anyone could have a worse job than that poor dentist........

Cheers... keep both those songs on your favorites list, and if you haven't already, buy the CDs. Well worth the money.

It's about aviation, but! | Reviewer: Adonis | 7/7/08

As someone who has flown in his life, I say, the song IS about aviation, but...
Flying is often associated with freedom, serenity, and a state of bliss (as the lyrics themselves say). So, it can be interpreted in more than one way. And for me (and I can safely say anyone who has ever flown) it is a metaphor for spiritual freedom.

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