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Performed by Pink Floyd

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heyyyyyyyyyyy | Reviewer: jay | 2/13/08

i remember the first time i listened to this song ;i was 12 now after many years i believe its been the most meaningful song i ve ever heard .
U CANT LEAVE COMMENT when you aint able to absorb the elaboration of music, go listen to some dum-F*king-basses like hip-hop

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/08

This song is, in my opinion, about the struggles that Pink Floyd went through with the inevitable loss of Syd. At that time, when they were young and the horizon was bright, in London, the place they grew up, Syd got pretty heavy into drugs and was holding them back. They're music couldn't expand. Syd was slowly fading away and holding them back too. I believe the reference to "small animals" is a direct reference to the song from the studio album 'Ummagumma', the song: "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving on with a Pict". I know that Syd wasn't there when Ummagumma came was recorded but his presence was still there in the band's creativity. The niche they carved for themselves was experimental and kinda... crazy. I believe it was a result of Syd's lasting influence. They were living a life of slow decay staying this way.
SO, in a nut shell, this song in my opinion is about they way they felt then and the way they are now and the resounding affect that their time with Syd had on their sanity, their creativity, their dynamic with each other, and the still uncertain future.

1/22/08 | Reviewer: Emily | 1/22/08

i love pink floyd...this song is amazing. for me it's about how youth doesn't last long and before you know it life is passing you by, and you've given up on the dreams you had when you were young.

Feeling | Reviewer: Petron | 1/19/08

I always have the feeling that this song refers to roger waters in a kind of way.
Gilmour use tipical sentences of roger, like " weary eyes", or "To a glimpse".

i dont think the song talk about him, but thereĀ“s a feeling i get about it, like some kind of reference.

Related to reality | Reviewer: agneeshwar | 12/24/07

A common man from a small village, comes to city life, enter he marathon where everyone is rushing fast to get something. Something that they believe is success , something that they believe is their ultimate goal. Man's desires never dies and he keep on rushing towards that something leaving behind everyhing else that was pleasurable t him before. Wehen he reaches that something and looks back he realizes that he has killed many things for that one thing. A depiction of ground reality in thge struggle of life. No doubt this is an excellent song in every respect.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Kitty | 12/12/07

I think this song is amazing and I don't much care what anyone else thinks, and I don't understand how ART can be judged. It's a personal expernince and so emotional. This song just takes hold of my heart and takes me places, it digs into the core of who I am and brings out somrthing new everytime I hear it. I love it.

holes | Reviewer: Max Henri | 11/24/07

If some of Pink Floyd's other songs are deep in thoughts, they are only scratches in the earth. The music is a possible nightmare with all of the changes. For them I guess it was all or nothing thing.

High Hopes | Reviewer: Benny | 11/1/07

Post Waters Pink Floyd includes some of the best songs of the Pink Floyd repertoire. While you'l struggle to beat Money, Wish You Were Here, and of couse Comfortably Numb, Gilmour puts Waters back in his box by not just playing his guitar, but writing some of the most intense and personal lyrics in High Hopes. Gilmour demonstrates not only that he is one of the best Coffee Table Guitarists in the world, but also the best lyricist and singer. There is no over the top singing, wording and playing with gilmour. He plays exactly what is required, perfectly. Album version, good, but for mine it's definately the Pulse version. The Remember That Night DVD version a close second.

about the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/07

this is one of the best songs ever made. perfect sound, perfect lyrics and perfect voice. gilmour has really incredible voice and it is excelent for this song

Pink Floyd | Reviewer: Chris Reeves | 9/19/07

Well pink floyd they are a pretty decent band,the best thing i like about them is that they don try to play as if they want to break the instrument,they just play with heart and soul and get involved in what they are playing which makes their songs so simple,soothing and pleasant that we want to hear them everytime.I enjoy their songs when i am alone and the place is silent.It helps you imagine a lot of things.If you listen to their song High Hopes,even if it is an Mp3 song which you are listening to you can still imagine the video of the song with no interruption thats how the powerfull the song is.

to the greatest band! | Reviewer: J-p Gonthier | 9/5/07

Yeah ofcourse, Pink Floyd is the greatest band ever! and I understand, what you guys, wanted to say when you said that without roger, it is not pink floyd, because pink floyd is formed of five deferent man that brang their own personal touch and diferents approach of the music.however, David wrote so many beautiful songs, and that's why we can't say that roger is more conserned with pink floyd than David...both are pink floyd, both are an incredible union. such an unbelievable band that will stay in my head and in my heart for ever and ever, cause I grew with them and I'll grow with them again for sure.

I went to Roger's show at montreal and it was sick! he did sheep but not dogs...I don't even understand but anyway... I love sheep too so...:P

in memory of pink floyd.

08/20/2007 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/07

this song is bad asss!! it kick asss it's awsome to bad i wasent able to go to any of the concerts :( but yeah Pink Floys rocks this song gives a lot of hope and they just dont talk over loaded words there words are actually true

Cha duchebags... | Reviewer: wowzer | 8/19/07

I admire Pink Floyd. I gather my inspirations from such songs.

This song is about adulthood.
The "narrator" was trying to tell us cold the adult life can be (or is)...

"Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary"- CHILDHOOD

"Encumbered forever by desire and ambition " -ADULTHOOD

And just the frequent use of "Was" in many of the lines...

It is not easy for me to exactly explain it and im not in the very mood, but i just wanted to share my opinon with you...

about pink floyd as a band and music | Reviewer: prashant | 8/12/07

PF will always remain be somthing that will never happen again on this planet again,
everybody has a different way to look on the band and their songs ,
should listen to it in a right mood so that u enjoy it 1 they rock.

You people are High | Reviewer: Houston | 8/3/07

The most awkwardly written lyrics ever. This song sounds like a czecheslovakian poem translated to English- Shampoo ingredients would flow better.

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