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Performed by Pink Floyd

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High Hopes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/09

This is my favorite song of all-time (of any artist), and I'm sure that anyone, no matter their interests, can appreciate this masterpiece. The lyrics have so many dimensions to them, but it is the instrumentals that seem to transport your soul to a place unknown to the human mind.

Melancholy and Utopy - two sides of one coin | Reviewer: Inna | 1/2/09

Time of completeness that we lost after the ringing of division Bell that, I believe, symbolizes Life itself. The utopy of youth, completness, spiritual life. A Paradise Lost. After it, we have the empty hopes for prosperity and progress that lead to nowhere. And from then on we are stricken by assaults of melancholy that pierce our routine from time to time, make us remember something distant and complete we'd never have back again.

Beyond the end | Reviewer: Ricardo | 12/30/08

The song flows like a song to life, as someone that close to death recalls his best moments. This is the latest album of Floyd, is also the ultimate legacy, the last major composition that leaves us this great band

Wow Mesmerizing | Reviewer: John M. Rankin | 11/23/08

I've always love music that Pink Floyd produced, David Gilmour is the best guitar player to ever live...IMO. I've never really listened to the newer PF.... that is untill I got the P-U-L-S-E dvd set from a buddy of mine. OMG what an amazing concert that would have been to see live!! As for the song High Hopes... the first time I heard the song Time I was blown away, same as comfortably numb, It's been a while since a song has moved and touched me this much and High Hopes is now one of my fav. PF songs. I'd give near anything to have Pink Floyd go on tour again. A farwell tour...for them and in memory or Richard Wright. Thank-you Pink Floyd for being the most amazing group of musicans in the past, present and the future. You're in a league all your own!!!!

Cheers from Canada, John M. Rankin

gem of music | Reviewer: sudhanshu | 11/20/08

this is the gem for the music world . how can any one say that Pink Floyd is not the best . even the songs like high hopes , comfortably numb are not there at top of any one of the music charts . what to say ? its absolute disaster . its true that every one has there own taste , but still gem is gem . i hope that Pink Floyd could have given some more music . The music of high hopes takes to a other world which is not immaginable.

Pulse | Reviewer: Johann | 10/31/08

This song is quickly becoming one of my favorite PF songs. I really beleive it holds a different meaning for everyone, which a great song should.
You really need to check out their dvd Pulse. This song is amazing in that show.

high hopes | Reviewer: psychedelic | 10/31/08

the lyrics, yeah.. good as usual.. but the music.. i'd heard that pink floyd is appreciated even more when u r high. but the music of this song gives me a high that nothing else would give... every guitar note carries me higher into a state of bliss..

just great | Reviewer: Aposha | 10/24/08

you don't see many bands like pf, with so much emotions easily flowing in a single track. it just makes me deeply sad, even the hope of reaching the "dizzy heights of that dreamed of world" is sad, his tone when he's shouting the grass was greener... it's just full of pain and bitterness, the sentences, short and dreamlike...
the whole picture reminds of what we did to ourselves, when did exactly "the ringing of the division bell had begun"? when did we start to fight because of our differences? when did I become the enemy just because I live in another country? can't we just love each other? pf even answers the question: "Encumbered forever by desire and ambition"
It's just so much meaningful that you can listen to it for years and still finding new aspects everyday

High Hopes and Comfortably Numb The best songs of the world | Reviewer: Pink Floyd rules | 10/12/08

this song is very beautiful because when i listen to it i feel relax and i remind all my happiest things of my life and sometimes my tears fall down with the tone of the song i think this song is talking about childhood and your best moments of it

Pink Floyd you are the best thanks for all

RIP Richard Wright

Analysis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/08

To me this song has a great meaning. in our lifes a we will always want better, it is instinctive, we will always want something more than what we have. Beacuse of that the expression how good the old days were surged, we want more so much we are overwhelmed and in the end it would have been better to keep what we had instead of trying to achieve more and more.

The song is great, it is also very deep.

Pink floyd forever and ever

I can't | Reviewer: marti | 9/28/08

I can't describe how much i love this song. It just touches me so deeply, its so beautiful, i don't know how others can compare Pink Floyd to other bands and say that they're worse...boring.

In my opinion, this song is about the free life of childhood...and the life you grow into. The effects that politics, war and humans have on you. They ruin your innocence, destroy your world. There is no more peace, no joy. You WILL die...but how can you die if you haven't really lived for the longest time? You dream...of a world...strive for it...but you can't reach it. Something's in the way. You look back at what you could have had. Why did you ever leave?

I'm fourteen years old and I absolutly LOVE Pink Floyd.

psychedelic | Reviewer: udit mehrotra | 8/16/08

this one dilates my nerves.i maintain a playlist consisting of some of pf's heavyweights like comfortably numb,shine on,breathe,us and them ,brain damage,time,another brick......and of course high hopes which i listen in a dark room in absolute solitude.the lyrics are so deep and contemplative.

High Hopes | Reviewer: oldschool | 8/15/08

I read all the posts here, and I was a little surprised that I had a completely different take on the lyrics than anyone else. This song is about a lot of things, like youth, desire, hope, life, regret and the human condition (we are all slaves to our desires) - but for me the message is about spirituality, and the eventual separation of body and soul. And I'm not even religious. Isn't "the ringing of the division bell" about the tolling of the bell we all inevitably face with death where body and spirit separate? There's a hunger still unsatisfied...maybe I need to spark up another fatty...

High Hopes | Reviewer: SSDD | 6/19/08

Everytime i listen to this song i always think about the life that has passed me by and all the opportunities i had missed and all the chances i had been foolinsh enough not to take, all the friendships lost and brings a sadness that no other song does. The best song ever IMHO.

Existencialism. | Reviewer: Fernando | 3/25/08

They've always gone deep in situations as the most important things to "talk" about. We aren't dead yet but relatively soon we'll be and what are the things we've cared with? What's their real importance?...

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