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Performed by Pink Floyd

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The Machine | Reviewer: Floyd Nut | 11/9/12

Have a cigar & welcome to the machine are both about the music industry & how they're just in it for what they can get out of you.

Have a listen to Alanis Morissette's "Right Thru you" same theme

One of the greatest | Reviewer: RAd | 9/23/10

Great song, every cliche record producers use to milk 'em.

Wonder what they think of todays musicians...or producers for that matter. Disposable, drive thru, fast food, manufactured, could go on and on. How come we can't get music like this anymore?? :(

El Monstero | Reviewer: Earl | 12/30/09

Love to see Pink Floyd played live. People come from all over the country to see the tribute here around Christmas. It sells 6 nights. you can see the videos on my youtube page. Please watch, comment & rate. Thanks

Upset Richard Wright passed away. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

Have a cigar, incredible way of showing how greedy people are to make money. I was in front rowe at David Gilmour's About Face concert at Constitution Hall in Wash. DC in '84. Went to Pink Floyd concert 3 nights at Capital Center in '87. RFK in '94. I played bass and drums in different bands with friends, and never can play good pink floyd without keyboards. Richard Wright did alot.

Amazing!! | Reviewer: CRAM | 11/4/08

Meet what the masses want reaping all the benefits along the way! A masterpiece distilling the coordination and hard work between a band and their production company needing to utilize each other, fulfilling the ultimate goal of the "gravy train"

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/08

really puts into perspective the whole music industry and what they think of it. pretty gutsy, considering these people write their checks. i think its great people can still find new meanings and interpretations thirty years later, that shows these guys are legends

In A Nutshell | Reviewer: TFM | 5/9/08

Can This Be More Prolific? Can They Write About Reaching The Summit And Then Finding The Truth At The Peak? Once You Become What You Have Set Out To Be,Then Reality Shapes Your View Henceforth.This Is The Harsh Reality Of Fame & Stardom.

One of the greatest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/08

This is one of the best songs ever written, I really love it , I really love Pink Floyd and this is one of their best songs... but i think it's funny that Roy Harper sings in this song. He was never in the band and he just sung one of the greatest songs ever !

this song is a monster | Reviewer: chris | 10/4/07

syd died august 2006, one month before roger waters played toronto (rogers center)...and he still didn't play the whole 5 parts:( awesome tribute. the whole album is best listened to very loud:)

i'm watching the pink floyd syd barrett story (as i write this)...good insight into some lyrics, and relationships in the band. how big would pink floyd be if syd hadn't imploded?

------ About the song Have a cigar performed by Pink Floyd | Reviewer: | 7/13/07

Great song. what can anyone say? Pink Floyd truly new how to do it. It been a few decades since they released it and people still love it, people who don't know Pinks music are missing out

Oh by the way, which one's Pink? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

I find it interesting that he thought he knew which one was Floyd.

come in here dear boy have a cigar | Reviewer: Chin Thing | 7/3/07

anyone try this song smoking a cigar w/ whiskey? honest to god a hell of a time. I did that on my 18th birthday almost a decade ago, and i've been somewhat of an addict to the combo ever since.

Pink Floyd > Beatles > Led Zeppelin. The vocals are just flooring, no contest.

Roger Waters is just genius | Reviewer: matt | 7/3/07

He's one of rock's greatest writers, definitely rock and roll's greatest mind.

Syd Barrett | Reviewer: Loui | 6/19/07

this song is awesome. This entire album is practically inviting Syd Barrett to join back in the band. expecially since over half the album is Shine On, You Crazy Diamond. I read in Mason's that he showed up out of nowhere in the studio while they recorded Shine On with all his hair shaved off, even his eyebrows, with so much weight on, and the band broke out in tears from the sight... shit. syd died in 2005. im sure The Wall was inspired by his psychotic appearance in the studio, considering in the film version theres a part where Pink has all his hair shaved off.

have a cigar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/07

Floyd and zeppelin are have diffrent styles, but both are the greatest bands in history.. beatles dont stand a chance

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