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Performed by Pink Floyd

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Hip Hopping Hater, | Reviewer: Man | 11/28/07

Ashan my friend,
I would like to say something about the quality difference between hip-hop or what so ever and pink floyd (call it prog rock, or psy-rock, what you want). Well, im not even saying something, I
'll challenge you: you try taking a good trip and listening to hip-hop, and then, if youre still capable of it, try pink floyd. Well, after that, you can post the result here. Yours Sincerely,
Enop Dinm

the most | Reviewer: racs | 11/23/07

floyd is the most, I don't know who's the idiot who said that eminen snoop, that's pure shit that sucks, that's not even music jackass. eso en verdad es una porqueria y todo el rap tambien imbecil

The Floyd is amazing!!! | Reviewer: Paul | 11/17/07

If anyone wants to see Pink Floyd at thier peak with Nick, Richard, Rodger,and David, alas no Syd but if he had'nt had his problems the Floyd would've been a five piece. Anyway get the Classic Albums release "The Making of Dark Side of the Moon" I first heard Pink Floyd when I was in the navy in the sixties amazing gentlemen!! They and Jimi Hendrix saved my life, figurativly

floyd is pretty much the best | Reviewer: Randy | 11/1/07

pink floyd; they took away teh moments that made up my dull days...cant get much more meaning then in ther songs..

Wow | Reviewer: Newsted | 10/27/07

Floyd is still alive after barrett and should live on long past Gilmore. These songs are timeless and meaningful, unlike music nowadays. Floyd has been big long before i was born and if music keeps getting worse it may not survive. That goes for everything from B.B. King to this music.

Music takes heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

Ive been listening sense the age of 5 and wanted wish you were here for my birthday at long story short....I love them all. David Roger Nick Rick. PS Syd Barret was also very amazing and its a shame he had to leave the band, but theres a chance that if he didnt david would be in the band

yeaaa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

agreed, floyd is the shit, been listening to them since i was 10 and im 20 now. music that surpasses time itself. just got the floyd discography!!!

Pink Floys Suks | Reviewer: Ashan | 10/25/07

pink floyds music suks, best music is rap, eminem, kanye west, snoop dog all that shiz! pink floyd fo stupid people bad music taste.. 2PAC REPRESENT!

Call to you across the sky | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

Echoes is by far my favorite song of Pink Floyd. I saw Waters this year, that was an incredible show (almost Dark Side Of The Moon live!!!) but Pink Floyd is above all David Gilmour (in my opinion). What a guitarist! I wish I could saw him one day. Echoes is a great composition of them all. No one would never be as good as them... there's no words to talk about Pink Floyd...

amazing | Reviewer: Dave Jones | 10/18/07

best music i have ever heard in my life.
Pink Floyd are my hero's from David Gilmore to Roger Waters. i couldn't imagine what else could be better then these peaces of art.

comming from a 17year old male, in the year 2007, there still isen't a band that i would rather listin to.

yeah | Reviewer: cinnamon girl | 10/17/07

pink floyd forever.
this song has so much emotion, i love it so much. haha but the part that sounds like freaky whales is like whoa . i love pink floyd. peace and love

love the floyd | Reviewer: luis | 10/11/07

i had the glory of watchin roger waters this year it was amazing the whole concerte i'm a big fan of pink floyd and as many people here just said no one can give such emotions , i have to recognized i almost cried when i heard the dark side of the moon live , as some of you said im gonna keep on smiling everytime i heard the floyd music and as i always said this is music for thinkers

Beckoning... | Reviewer: Praveen Maloo | 10/3/07

It is one of those songs of which you just can't have enough.. you listen to it for n number of times..even then its going to ring in your mind..add to it the wonderful lyrics ..and you have a masterpiece..right?..

what music was meant to be | Reviewer: none of | 9/30/07

like some of the other reviewers have said, there simply aren't words to describe pink floyd. their music is just so beautiful. what makes me sad is that there are people out there that have never heard this kind of music before. they all listen to rap and the other new "music" of today. i think if everyone listened to this music, the world might be a better place. that is how amazing i think this music is. and this is coming from a sophomore in high school

Astonished | Reviewer: GilCamorra | 9/30/07

As I started to play guitar in 1995, well I think nothing can give you emotions as a pink floyd's song...

Echoes... I should listen million times without stopping...
Is that the effect that they wanted?


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