flooded with thoughts | Reviewer: ggee | 7/18/08

I love this song..
It is not like any other song you hear just to listen to something. I listen to it every night when going to sleep and from the moment the first "tunnn" is heard I start imagining things and fabricating different reallities in my mind until the moment I fall asleep. It is like I m on a trip from the psychedelic sounds of Echoes and my fantasy is hyper excited!

The best, period | Reviewer: SimonS | 6/30/08

This song is epic, it truely takes my mind off to another place of peaceful introspection. Along with Darkside, i could listen to this over, and over, and never ever get tired of it. A masterpiece if ever there was one!

My interpretation of the song fits with a perspective of an alienated person who sees the sad truth about the higher, and last, stages of human evolution, possibly from beyond the time, looking back at what was once, but forgotten to the past. I don know.. it just seems to meld perfectly with some hidden truth of our present state/society

I've loved this song for almost 40 years! | Reviewer: Nikky | 6/10/08

Meddle came out when I was 14....I didn't even LISTEN to side 1 again for a year after I heard Echoes on side 2 - I listened to Echoes over and over. This song defines me and my life more than any other song every composed. When I first heard it, it thrilled me, terrified me, gave me nightmares, exhilarated me...it was the most magnificent song I had ever heard - and it went on for over 20 minutes! It was a perfect orgy of music for my ears - I felt at 14 that I heard something mystical, something frightening - I didn't understand it, and it attracted, magnetized, and frightened me more than any other song I'd heard before or since...I'm listening to it right now, and it still gives me chills and a sense of otherworldliness - I'm not 14 anymore, I'm 50 - but this song still has me enthralled. Thank you Pink Floyd, for a song that changed my life!

Have a cigar, Floyd. | Reviewer: richie | 5/22/08

I've been listening to Floyd for 18 years now. They are, by far, simply the most melodic, harmonic, and innovative band ever to exist. Quite frankly, Floyd is certainly superior to any of the crap recorded now, and arguably encompassed the most talented group of musicians of the 20th century. Shine on, Pink Floyd, you crazy diamond you.

wow | Reviewer: Mike O | 3/26/08

so ive been listening to FLoyd for a few now and i just cant go a day without listening to them. SO i was about to go to sleep while listening to FLoyd, and im like lemme take a few hits of that bud i had so i went outside smoked a bit came back and their I was listening to echoes while stoned and the feeling was amazing. I couldnt fall asleep because the music kept giving me shivers and goosebumps. Amazing feeling, long live Pink Floyd.

simply great | Reviewer: Theo | 3/26/08

I've been listening to the Floyd for many years (& gilmour solo fo course) and fell in love with several songs including echoes (especialy the live 1 from "remember that night") it simply a masterpiece. I can type a lot of word to discribe how great i think Pink Floyd's timeless music is..but it all sums up to simply GREAT!

my childhood lullabye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/08

I was a baby in 71. My mother played this to soothe me to sleep
California guitar trio played this live last Friday and tears burned my eyes. I miss you mum.
still can't play this in my car.
And no one forces down our eyes.....

PINK FLOYD ROCKS | Reviewer: JJ | 3/15/08

I have been listening to Pink Floyd for the past ten years and everyday they get better. I find a new Pink Floyd song that i love everyday and just sit and chill and get in a mellow mood and rock out.

Muffins | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/08

I have been depressed for years, I'm 15, and then I had a good time, and was happy for the first time in months... And, I say it's thanks to Pink Floyd. They were in my head afterwards, and still are... They will be in my heart forever, even when I lie down for the last time, they will be there. To hell with everything else... Just hold your most loved one, put on Pink Floyd, and time will be meaningless... That, is happiness.

floyd rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/08

I've been listening to Pink Floyd for the past ten years and everyday they get better. I always find a new floyd song that just puts my mind in the mellow mood. i love to just sit and chill to PINK FLOYD!!!

Biscute | Reviewer: Angela | 2/22/08

I like This Song So Much Me and my mom call It albatros!
Shes like put the albatros song on and im happy to have that!
im listening to it now so i now know the lyrics...
ifg when it was but i think when i was 11 i first heard this idk....mmmk

Awesome | Reviewer: V-Man | 2/8/08

2PAC IS the shizzy-nizzy! Just kidding, they suck. I just heard this song few hours ago for the first time in my life. I had heard about it for a long time, but I just couldn't find it. Then, my uncle sent me a huge load of music in Mp3 format. Over 2,000 songs. I already had, like, 1,000, so this really added. Out of all 3,000 songs, this one is probably my favorite. The vocal harmonies and the lyrics are like poetry. I'll stand up and fight anyone who dares say that Pink Floyd sucks.