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Performed by Pink Floyd

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Echoes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/11

This song, much like many more from radical artists -- Stairway to Heaven, and Tool's Lateralus come to mind, seems to be about the incredible unknown possibilities awaiting the great human race following the actualization of the unified goal to throw off the hundrances that consume our lives and lighten the hidden bonds of spirituality that connect us.
Also this song is a great demonstration of excellently written and coheret, psychadelic, progressive music. This album, to me, is The Floyd's breakthrough album and one of their best.

flthe ultimate pink floyd experience | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/11

If anyone is interested in a beautiful visual-audio experience, watch 2001 a space odyssey starting at the chapter "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite", turn the sound off and play echoes. its better than the original soundtrack by far

Link? | Reviewer: DRB | 6/6/11

Just listening to this song, when it occurred to me that the lyrics square bizarrely well with the music of the Beatles' 'Across the Universe' - similar ethereal, almost cosmic themes, written pretty much within a year of each other, even a couple of similar word choices. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?

surreal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/11

Absolutely love this song--especially the eerie keyboards right in the middle. I hope when I die or I'm near death, this song is playing nearby--what an awesome last thing to hear--the very end, after the music fades, reminds me a little of ascending up to heaven.

udit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/11

I just love the composition of the songs the band has created. Echoes is one long song, i always use to listen. The 4 members were music magicians, no one can compete them. Best i love, comfortably numb, another brick, wish u were here, time , coming back 2 life and echoes.

Intelligence in harmony | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/11

The best way I've heard the music of Pink Floyd described is, 'intelligent music'. The nuances of sound and emotion, the slow buildup and heavy crashes, the lyrics that documented the times they were written in... no other band has come close to the uniqueness of Pink Floyd. Love or hate them, you can tell it's them from any 2sec. clip of any song from astronomy domaine to the nile song. Thanks to all the surviving members for giving us something truly great!!

Nice songI+ | Reviewer: Greg | 4/11/11

I just discover that song, it's sweet and nice, im surprise that this group be as unknown... atleass unknow in France... But Wish you were here and In the Flesh still stay my favorites from Pink Floyd.

Piper at the Gate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/11

I agree with Get Over it. They all contributed their special talents. The end result was a catalog of timeless music that will forever be revered as some of the genre's cream of the crop. We are fortunate that these men ever cared to collaborate with one another. Whether it be at the same time or at different points.

amazing song | Reviewer: PINK FLOYD GREATEST BAND | 2/24/11

wen i was younger i always listen to that hip hop shit. then i grew out of that stage and i started listen to classic rock and music that i could enjoy and appriciate. and wen i listen to this song the way i feel is just incredeble and towards the end is such a fantastic part. it makes me feel a feeling that i cant describe. but to any person who loves pink floyd and actually listens to there music i know they know what im talkin about and the feeling i have.

Floyd is what Floyd is | Reviewer: Jeremy | 2/21/11

and that is the greatest band of all time. And the post by Mauro is dead on. There would be no Floyd without any one of these four men.

The great thing about music is everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For me "The Wall" is the greatest album ever. Thanks Roger with a little help from Gilmour. You know what though; "The Division Bell" is also a great album. Thanks David. DSotM is another all time great. Wouldn't have had it without either of them.

And lastly "Echoes" What can be said about this song that hasn't already been said. Probably the single best Floyd song there is. And it never gets old. I'm listening to Gilmour's "Live in Gdansk" version right now.

I wish I was able to see these four men (no offense meant to Sid) together as a band in person. Sadly Live 8 was it.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Zapper | 2/19/11

I absolutely love this and play the live version from David Gilmour's "Remember That Night" DVD constantly. Lyrically I think "Time" is their best work, but while that is thoughtful, this works on a more emotional level. I just love letting this wash over me, and the great feeling it inspires. It has so many elements and evokes emotions that it will always stand the test of time - and that is how you can tell great music, if you are still playing it 25 to 30 years on and it sounds as good as it did when you first heard it then it has to be a classic which this clearly is.

I don't really care who thinks what about whom - we all have our likes and dislikes and amen for that!

Stop arguing about Roger!! | Reviewer: Mauro | 2/8/11

Well, first of all, Echoes it's probably my favourite song, not just from Pink Floyd, from all music!! I love the meddle version as much as I love the echoes version (making it shorter didnt make it bad) the vocals on it are just beautiful, rick's voice along with Davey's it's probably one of the most divine sounds I've ever listen to, the psychedelic part it's tripping as hell, the funky jammin between Nick and Roger, the solos!! Everything it's perfect about this song. And now talking about Roger, I mean, I know he didn't had the best voice in the world, but he had his own personal style, which I actually like a lot, (in fact he sings very good in shine on you crazy diamond and sheep) but man, we have to face it, I admit he was a shit as a person, but he is an awesomely great musician, I love his two "solo" albums by the name of pink Floyd (yes, the wall and the final cut) and think about Floyd without Roger.... We would never know about David probably.... We wouldnt have confortably numb solo.... The dark side of the moon... Or Floyd without davey... No echoes!! Think about that, Floyd wouldn't be Floyd without Davey or Roger or Nick or Rick or Syd... All of them were are and would be Pink Floyd (:

The Greatest | Reviewer: Obi Wan | 1/30/11

Even Mozart and Beethoven would say this song kicks ass - as many of you have mentioned, it is 'the band' at its best - Rick's keys are phenom, Roger bangs out the bass during the jam and plays bluesy during the slow part - a GOD. And Nick is the most underrated drummer E.V.E.R. - just watch him pound those skins on the jams and tell me I'm wrong... I'll teach my kid this song... PFF!

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/11

had a really rough almost suicidal night when i was a kid,walking around on wet misty sreets, i remember putting an unmarked tape in my player at about 4am when i got home and hearing this song for the first time. the dripping intro melting into music. the beautiful first verses. it was one of the most powerful musical exp of my life. pushing me to transcend my petty life problems and sit in silent awe of the big picture

simply stating | Reviewer: walker | 12/24/10

i could never choose a favorite song but if i must it would be echoes.its a shame people have to give half baked Freudian interpretations when really if they just feel the good vibrations and the meaning in a song like this with out literal meaning of it but just to trip over the music and though you me feel in the dark your subconsciousness will understand and i believe thats where the feelings at with floyd i certainly couldnt make the mistake i used to and turn this music into some literal idealist notion everything this band has offer is to your mental inner beingdont miss the chance to feel the music the way it was given at the same time i do encourage interpreting the meaning for yourself but dont go overboard its not what they meant it to mean its what it means to you after all. also i used to be kinda angry at waters but even on this rick and dave song it was pink floyd they all input on the band all of em and yeah i like roger but pros & cons of hitch hiking sucked lol thanks bye

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