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Performed by Pink Floyd

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Floyd.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/09

'i'm seventeen, and i've spent seventeen years with vinyls and pink floyd played in the house. it's hard not to love these things."

that's a good way to live!

i myself have been listening to since i was very young, and i'm 16 years old. Such incredible, moving, world ending, music. I doubt we'll ever see a band up to likes the Pink Floyd ever again.

sheer brilliance | Reviewer: elya | 2/19/09

i fell in love with silence after this song. i don't mean that it's awful and shouldn't be played - hell no - i mean that when it's over, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can ever follow it with justice done to that piece.
it isn't my favourite floyd song, but my gosh, it's just so ethereal and beautiful. and, of course, sounds a thousand times better in a dark room played on a record player with a good pickup over decent speakers. it comes to life.
and the last stanza is sheer excellence. saline down cheekbones every time.

of course, i'm a little biased. i'm seventeen, and i've spent seventeen years with vinyls and pink floyd played in the house. it's hard not to love these things.

Ballena beach walk to echoes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/09

One of the peak musical experiences of my life came recently when I listened to echoes walking from one side of ballena (fin) beach in costa rica (see google earth). It was a tremendously sunny perfect afternoon. I was holding back listening to any music on my iPhone at all for fear it would ruin the experience. As I sat under a palm tree I promised I'd listen to only one track, and so did - it was San tropez - and as I packed up to walk to the point (up the beach and tail to the fin) echoes came on. Once it started I couldn't stop. I was instantly transported. A flock of seagulls flew overhead along the coast with the first lyrics and I watched them fly out to a nearby island, then continued walking up the coast as the waves fell to shore.

Along the tail part of the beach (like a spit) waves were crashing on each side as the music became more intense. Behind me lay tropical forest, in front rocky coast and open ocean. There were very few other souls, and the latter half of lyrics became more real as I entered the scene with them.

I am extraordinarily grateful for this beautiful piece.

Triste que je n'ai jamais pu les voir en concert | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

J'ai 21 ans et bien avant que je n'ai conscience de ce groupe, l'occasion etait passee...
Par contre cette musique vient me chercher beaucoup plus que toute autre musique.
Chaques chasons de Pink Floyd me fait vivre un moment formidable que j'aurais aime partager au travers de milliers de fan, dommage!

this song | Reviewer: Thomas | 1/26/09

This song is total perfection. It is absolutely pure genious. This is mine and my soulmates song, everytime i hear it i just want to cry. In the very last verse when hes saying " and so i throw the windows wide and call to you across the sky" that "you" in that part is for my one and only

1972 Pink Floyd / Roosevelt Stadium, N.J. | Reviewer: unacat | 1/26/09

I first saw Pink Floyd in June of '72, well before DSOTM was released. They opened with Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun and most of the rest of the first set was from Obscured by Clouds and Meddle. The second was a yet unheard DSOTM with a large round screen behind the band for video (unheard of at that time) with a complete Echoes encore. I was 17 years old and on an extreme Lysergic dose which made this night one of the most fantastic and surreal experiences of my life, and I have had many. My friends and I were pretty much helplessly high and some Hell's Angels we met pretty much watched out for us and saw to it that we had a comfortable place to melt and enjoy the music. This was the first time in my life that I realized how potent music could be. I've seen thousands of shows including over 500 Grateful Dead shows (my first love), so I've had my share of sublime (dosed) concert experiences, but that first Pink Floyd show was a true separate reality.

re: David Gilmour version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/09

I HIGHLY recommend David Gilmour's version of Echoes that is on his Live in Gdsank album that he put out in September '08. It's 25 minutes, and Richard Wright is also on stage doing the harmonies and keyboards just like he did back in the day. It's BEAUTIFUL and, to me, is more moving than any other version.

Echoes highlights the integral Pink Floyd era | Reviewer: JP Marsh | 12/31/08

After a few years of wandering about varying dimensions of muse after Barrett left the band, The Pink Floyd finally found it's musical calling. In the album Meddle the gems "One of These Days" and "Echoes" were the heralds of the Integral Pink Floyd era. Even though this would only last a few albums (Wish You Were Here would be the final integral album) It was indeed one of the highlights in music. The Waters era (Animals, The Wall, The Final Cut) were all good Albums, but had lost the balance and the wholeness of what The Pink Floyd Sound had become. The Gilmore era (Momentary Lapse of Reason, The Division Bell) Regained some of this sound, but seemed to lack the depth of the Integral era (in part to Waters skill as a Lyricist). Sad we could not have gotten more Integral Floyd albums, but nothing lasts forever.

Amaizing | Reviewer: poncho | 12/23/08

hi, i'm 17 years old, but since i had ten I know pink floyd, but this song, i found it after 1 year of listening, and look...6 years hearing it almost evryday of my life, and i still can feel something in my body, that only echoes can give me, it's amaiznig how this song can pass to evry feeling, happines, sadnes, worry, mystery afraid, its amazing, and if you read the lyrics carefully, you will notice that's its nothing but a dream (a good dream i will say) so....echoes ints nothing but a dream,
oh i wish i had tickets for one of its concerts back in the 70's....

deepest song i know | Reviewer: Martin | 12/17/08

Pink Floyd is the very band which made me like music and after several years spent listening to other rock bands from the 70's and 80's PF is still my favourite.
I always liked Echoes in particular but never really listened to the lyrics (I'm French) but a few weeks ago I did listened and realized the deepness of this song. I can't help listening to it again and again now =)

Simply amazing | Reviewer: Jack | 12/14/08

If you haven't been convinced that most music is garbage you probably haven't put on a good pair of headphones, dimmed the lights, and listened to Echoes. Not sure what else to say. It doesn't matter how many times you listen to it. It's like the first time every time.

So great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/08

Such a great music, transporting you upon everything. Pink Floyd are among the rare bands and artists who really understood the goal of music, and I am happy to read many of these comments, of people who also seem to understand. These sound-sellers are nothing compared to such great musical artists.

Yet, I know only one group as great as PF, Led Zeppelin of course. Their 6 first albums are so great, such as Since I've Been Loving You and Stairway to Heaven.

Thanks to these two bands, their music never betray us.

Fascinating... | Reviewer: Simun | 12/7/08

23+ min, pure perfection, combine of magical Wright keyboard touch, magnificant guitar parts by Gilmore, effective bass by Waters, and genious drum addiction by Mason...No one can reach this PF perfection!!!

the great ones | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/08

this song summarizes the essence of Floyd music , it takes to you to calmness and make your mind flyes around whatever you remenberings want without the necessity of takung any drug. Simply awesome . RIO the great and only RW.(in memoriam) words to describe it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

I'm 42 years old and have been listening to PF when I was about 12 years. With the years I appreciated the music even more. Recently i bought the David Gilmour Live at Gdansk DVD inclusing full version of Echoes.
I blow me away. What an intense music. Starting quite normal and then the keybord of R.W. communicating with the guitar of DG. words.
Above all these artists have been so humble all their lifes. Big contrast with todays so called popstars. PF is real top quality music that goes into your bloodstream and touches you.
Really hope that DG has enough time to produce/compose more diamonds of music.

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