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Performed by Pink Floyd

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Brilliant | Reviewer: Rsa | 6/29/14

Thats what this song really is brilliant, it got a weird and unusual sound and guitar playing, specially in the end of part one and part two.
What a special band Pink Floyd, what a big loss to rock music that they aren't still playing, there egos maybe the reason they are not together, maybe thats the reason why their music is so unique, every one of them is just so brilliant that they can't work with each other any more.

Above the waves that flow beneath | Reviewer: DKAz | 6/9/14

Old wise Floydian guy of 61 here to share a thought of one of the most brilliant songs of many, that has released the thoughts of the mind of creativity. I do paint my best artwork while listening to Echoes along with Wish you Where Here. Even if you do not draw, paint, or sketch, I recomand that take a night alone, darken you room except a focused light on a pad of paper or a paint canvas and listen to any Floyd album and draw what you hear. Each album will stimulat a different rendering.
Pink Floyd lives on

more than a song | Reviewer: | 5/5/14

I realized practically no one really understood the meaning of this song.. its based in a book from Nietzsche and an old religion, its full of history and a very difficult hidden message.. this is much more than a song, I´ll need an hour just to explain it...

its so beautiful and perfect, pink floyd where not humans

Pure Poetry | Reviewer: SaraY | 1/24/14

Amazing how words can be important to the song itself.
And this time, a part from the obvious and flawless musical perfection one can tell the difference between a jam session and an IDEA. The idea here developes as something that has life in itself e rattles off like a waterfall of pure poetic images.

A flight to heavens | Reviewer: Ziya Manhas | 12/27/13

I love this song. I listen this song when u really want some kind of inner satisfaction and happiness. This song is the best hangover song that I have ever came across. Try this song in hangover with headphones you will clearly feel with your closed eyes where guitar is being played and where drums are being beaten. You can easily judge there actual location. Moreover you can easily go deep inside yourself and know your inner strengths and weaknesses if you think that way during listening to this masterpiece of masterminds.

Ascendency | Reviewer: Lorraine | 11/17/13

If I were told I could only listen to one band's music for the rest of eternity (that's quite a commitment & God forbid) I would choose Pink Floyd. I love all kinds of music - other rock & roll, country, soul, even some bubble gum pop. But the Floyd brings me back to and above what matters; whatever that is, socially & personally. It's hard to explain, "Have a Cigar" makes me smile; "Money" gives me perspective - ". . . share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie." Dogs of War. Comfortably Numb (I wish). I listen to "Delicate Sound of Thunder" - love the oxymoron - and/or "Pulse", as well as Echoes, everyday. It sustains me.

Astronomically Emersed | Reviewer: Bandido Tazarian | 11/10/13

To sit and listen to Echoes, Comfortably Numb, Time, etc. is a journey through your own inner deminsions. The catacombs of your existence are traversed in a ship of thought and emotion. The transcendant comfortablity is rivaled by none other. If you cannot find inner peace while listening to Pink Floyd...Your soul is dead and lost to the normalcy of mundane living. Give your soul a chance and embrace the altruism of the Floyd world.

Amazing songs | Reviewer: Arturo | 10/24/13

One of the greatest songs ever made by Pink Floyd, I can say there's a couple more at the same level of high trip, like Atom Heart Mother suite, or Shine on You Crazy Diamond, the fact is that Pink Floyd has made a lot of beautiful art pieces, and I am thankful for that. The meaning is your choice, just let yourself go with the waves of music and enjoy the landscape. You surely will find the answer in your dreamscape.

Best song ever | Reviewer: Forever Floyd fan | 9/27/13

I remember back in the 70's, I recorded echoes on both sides of a 4-track music cassette and played it over and over again for hours with my headset on, just floating deep into outer space. The best music art work in the history of mankind.

👌 | Reviewer: Ptolomaeus | 5/12/13

This song. The guitar. The bass. The piano. Waters. Gilmour. The echoes. The lyrics. The time. Everything. Is just magnificent. Magnificent isn't even the right word to say how FREAKING magnificent These guys are! 👌

Pink floyd never dies | Reviewer: Me | 4/1/13

I am a 17 y/o teenager. I first listened to this song when i was 13. I knew pink floyd because of my dad, Ever since i was a baby! This song is what comforts me whenever i need to. Anyway my point is that after 40+ years of the band's start, they gain new fans every day. Real music never dies! <3

Imagination Fuel | Reviewer: Randy Nelson aka Stone | 2/14/13

Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish you were here, Animals, all fantastic works of art! Yeah, had a little help from my friends back in the day when I first discovered Pink Floyd. Mind blowing. These days, pushing 50 and these guys are still #1 on my list. No need for help from the friends. David, Roger, Nick, Richard and sometimes Sid take me there. Close your eyes and ride.

echoing | Reviewer: mizmite | 1/3/13

it was said by the band that they provide the audience with a soundtrack to accompany the visuals on stage. after 4 shows, 88 in Toronto and 3 shows in 94 at earls court. that is exactly what i experienced. thank you for the entertaining nights.

submarine ride | Reviewer: John Zella | 11/16/12

The first time I listened to this song I was 16 years old.
And it was the 70’s so I was on, let’s just call it a controlled substance.
In that altered state, with my eyes closed, with the references to the ocean, and with the sonar sound.
To me the song made me feel like I was riding in a sub.
And just before the 3rd verse when the tempo increased, it felt like the sub surfaced and pooped up out of the water.
I can’t be the only person that thinks this song is a sub ride brilliantly put to music.

Wiping the sleep from your eyes? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/12

I get why so many consider this Floyd's finest moment. i agree. Its as close to transcendent as I've heard rock music get, a true epic. They made many fine songs afterwards but nothing ever touched as high as ECHOES. ANIMALS or THE WALL are intimate examinations of hell, not heaven.

Its also forever linked to the end of 2001 now for me (Stanley Kubrick's finest moment). They fit perfectly; both are about evolution, climbing towards the light slowly but surely, recognizing the other person as yourself (wink wink).

The long ambient section of screaming guitar gulls is the depths of the abyss before the dawning light arrives with that triumphant ringing guitar line that sounds like bells at dawn. Consciousness expands & its back to full wakefulness, lucid dreaming unhindered by false beliefs or rules (no one makes me close my eyes), just onward and upward higher & higher, as far as we can go.

Spiral out, keep going

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