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Performed by Pink Floyd

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amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

im 19 years old and i play guitar in a metal band but nothing can compare to floyd. the are 100% without a doubt the best band of all time. no band will ever be able to write a song and have it come close to echoes. from the sweet melodic vocals that put you in a dreamy state to gilmours epic guitar solos that almost call out to the heavens.

this song is truly a masterpiece and is probably what i will spend my entire next trip listening to. lol

The Best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/08

At 15, Pink Floyd is one of my favourite bands. They have so much more feeling and meaning than todays 'music' and I wish they were still together.

Echoes | Reviewer: JL77 | 1/11/08

In the Live at Pompeii version, the jam section (before the ambient noises) when the camera goes panning through the amplifiers that say "Pink Foyd London" watching the four of them doing their thing thats my favorite Pink Floyd moment! and one of my favorite tracks ever! Long Live The Floyds

No drugs needed | Reviewer: Webbie | 1/9/08

Pink Floyd sets the mind in an eased state of peace, as a musician and human being music is my drug of choice. Music truly messes with and opens your mind in a way that nothing else can touch.

No drugs needed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/08

Pink Floyd sets the mind in an eased state of peace. I was not born in time to even see pink floyd together and in true form. As a musician and human being music is my drug of choice. Even when the tempo is chaotic and lyrical content is disturbing and truly mad. Some people would say that their lyrics are nonsense, but I view it as some of the most beautiful and disturbing poetry to be written in the past century, that calls the mind to deep introspection. Coupled with the beautiful simplistically complex structure of their music. I urge anyone to think about what I am saying and instead of following a stereotype, to open your heart and mind to pure enjoyment without the use of outside influence. If we can allow ourselves to be amazed again we can evolve as human beings, Embrace the madness. Music truly messes with and opens your mind in a way that nothing else can touch. But this is just one man's opinion.

Jacob Weber
born 1981

Wow | Reviewer: Swik | 1/9/08

Avid pink listener for the past 5 years,,, im 20,,, dont worry no matter how much music changes in the future the great classics from the 60's and 70's will always live on... First song i fell in love with was time ,,, and now i would have to say its echoes the length the melodies the trippy riffs everything,,, they really dont make music like this n e more. I love today's music too but shit,,, you really think your gonna have a good trip listening to hard metal?

Pink Floyd is amazingg <3 | Reviewer: erin | 1/8/08

I'm only 14. I've been listening to Pink Floyd since I've been in the womb. Like, no joke. Nothing makes my day better then listening to my favorite band. Once you listen to their music, it's hard to listen anything else because it just sucks. Nothing compares to them.


Echoes | Reviewer: Yannis, Greece | 1/2/08

At the age of 30 now, i have been listening to Pink Floyd since i was an early teenager....still haven't found anything that can touch me as much as their music....maybe opera (Pavarotti) can come a bit close.
They will definitely occupy the pantheon of music not for now but i can guess for eternity.
I do hope too that their music will sound in Heaven...unless heaven is their music....

Pink Floyd, please play in heaven too! | Reviewer: Patty | 12/28/07

If there's any band to have true music oozing out of their soul it is Pink Floyd!

I cant get over their music, never...Amongst many artists, Pink Floyd is Legendary! They will never fail you, they will never disappoint you - I hope to hear them forever, even in heaven!

They Know To much | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/07

As i sat here tonight reading all of your comments, I find it amazing to see how pink floyd still touvhes the hearts of many young people today. It truely made me cry because here i thought That everyone now a days is so closed minded and into themselves. Hip-Hop has its good points because it reminds us of what a crappy world we live in, but the pink lets us find peace within ourselves. Its funny also how they speak about the things emotional distrubing to us, whether its about the war, lost loved ones, and even about how we feel like a squirel running around in a cage. Song after song, trip after trip, drunk after drunk, the pink may have the same words in there song but as we progress through our lives as human beings, the words take on new meaning during different stages of our lives. thank you everyone for posting your comments, even you mr hip hop is the best. I actually feel for you because your mind is so closed minded. your missing out on free bird, and buffalo spring field, the animals, led zepplin...i challenge anyone who reads this comment to revert your lives back to the way things were even before we were born. I hate to say it, but back than there was more peace of mind, and the weed was better.

echoes | Reviewer: gus | 12/13/07

as an insperienced user in pycadelic drugs DOC,DOI,DOB,5 MEO AMT, LSD ,MESCULINE, DMT, DIPT, 2CE, 2CI, SALVIA DITHORUM, ect pink floydes echoes is a remarkable song that takes you away from any problem you may or may not be having, just listening to this song on a compound as simple as cannabis is like a lucid dream and dissociative experience, the sounds and harmony you will hear are in a way hypnotizing but melting reality..its crazy a great pycadelic song

watch crystal voyager!! | Reviewer: Greenoughfollower | 12/9/07

Great song...but if you havent yet...i HIGHLY advise you to Watch Crystal Voyager by George Greenough...just youtube "George Greenough" and you will Find it!! AMAZING VISUALS TO AN AMAZING SONG!

question | Reviewer: Dazed and Confuzed | 12/9/07

does anyone here think theres a connection between echoes and the part where jimmy page plays the bow solo in dazed and confused "the song remains the same video"

please lemme know,
thank you

Heaven | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/07

yeah i mean it,whenever you listen to this song just
close your eyes you ll know what i mean,i donno if i can say this here-i do a lot of dope,get stoned and listen to floyd you ll forget everything friends girlfriend parents studies job.. its a different world a complete isolation from rest of the crap in life..

Pink Floyd | Reviewer: Kris Mason | 12/5/07

Im 17,
just recently one of my friends was listening to Money by Pink Floyd and i was curious to what song it was, after that night i haven't gone a day without listening to the good old floyd.

Pink Floyd is fucking amazing and there best song is either Time or Shine on you Crazy Diamond.
great band i love it.

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