on another planet ^^ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/09

when that music plays, you hear the song writers' voyages... not into physical world but into another one, deeper... they looked where everyone else was not looking and found a place, and a way to express all they saw and felt....pure genius i think

YES | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/09

This whole album is amazing. I think personally it's a philosophy on life and insanity. The way life flies by before your eyes, and the darker side of people and people's minds and hearts. I have always associated Pink Floyd with Edgar Allen Poe, for some reason, but I can't even explain how amazing it feels to read Poe while listening to this CD. It's just.... A once in a lifetime experience for most people, but not me, because I own the book and cd! :D Pure genius...

Borderline | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/09

i believe most of pink floyd songs are about psychosis and fears..paranoia...and in this it clearly explains wot Borderline personality disorder people go through.its a cycle...fear of abandonment.high sensitivity to stress so they look for instant gratification,they dig a hole meaning problems for themselves through meaningless relationships,booze,drugs,cutting etc and wen that is over they dig another hole and so the cycle goes on n on

anybody whos a psychiatrist or psychologist would understand

kind of like a father (should be) | Reviewer: lív | 11/2/08

the most brilliant song ever. i love the whole dark side [even better than the wall], still this track has all the worried still strong caring that makes me cry on some level whenever i hear it. with the sound collage of speak to me it strokes me even more.
so glad it exists.

Breathe | Reviewer: Sameer Prabhu | 11/23/07

The entire album 'Dark Side of the Moon' is a pleasurable experience start to end... no pauses... Pure ecstasy for your ears!! And it does have a darker side to the album in whole which every song expresses... in its own unique way.. Brilliant.. My favorite Floyd Album only second to 'The Wall' of course!

Amazing Song | Reviewer: ravencarslyle@hotmail.com | 11/6/07

Breathe is one of the better songs done by Pink Floyd in my opinion. The part about the rabbit always make me feel a little sad inside because that is very much the way I live my life

Journey to bliss | Reviewer: Matt | 7/18/07

Great song, a true classic. Definatly will remain one of my all time favorites.

amazing. | Reviewer: tia | 5/10/07

pink floyd is great, and this song just happens to be one of my favorites. it's classic. even if you hear it once, you'll have it in your head forever.

Breathe | Reviewer: Bennyg | 3/28/06

Very nice chord progression,used alot by pinkfloyd.The only thing i dislike about this song is that it is too short...its such amazing song i want more of it

Musical Orgasm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/05

This song is beautiful. Again, very underrated, but can put one on the verge of crying.

breathe - pure amazment | Reviewer: fernand | 1/7/05

brethe by pink floyd is the mostamazing song ever, very underrated, listen to it now.