Breathe-pink Floyd | Reviewer: Astrid H | 7/24/14

I think these guys are legends. They make their lyrics so clear and light, but at the same time so deep... Also you can't describe how genius their music is! I think everyone nagging about Roger Waters' voice should simply listen to the lyrics and think. Learn something in your life and I'm not talking about learning how to break down Waters' voice, but about real philosophy... I'm 15, but I already know all Pink Floyd's songs are masterpieces and everyone in this world can learn something just listening to these songs! These guys need to earn more respect!

That's racist dog... | Reviewer: Bizarro | 8/6/13

The main reason Floyd was so soon forgotten is mainly because Syd Barret was the product of a biracial fling in Manila. He had a smaller cranium than a 100% kawkasian thus couldn't handle that not-so-massive dose of liquid lsd - not enough room to breathe. Now you know the rest of the story.

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/13

so much arguing on a pink floyd song. chill guys, each to there own :)
this songs lyrics together with "time" literally changed my outlook on life. i don't know how humans made this :P

The Wall | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/11

Well the wall is also about Roger Waters, and he has stated in several interviews it was not intended to be about Syd, but agrees one can perceive it was subconsciously directed towards his thoughts and memories of Syd, The idea for the Wall actually came from his sort of hatred for playing in front of people and how he wished he could play from behind a giant wall, while on the In the Flesh tour supporting Animals, and Waters is a good and unique singer, no one I can think of sounds anything like 'em and no one ever will, truly one of a kind, and his music will live forever, but a lot of the Final Cut IS dedicated to his father, like The Fletcher Memorial, and about the government that got his father killed, do a little more research guys lol

Excessive stupidness | Reviewer: JL | 12/14/11

90% of you who have "reviewed" this song should seriously learn how to do something called research so you can actually learn true, marvelous, and insightful aspiring stories and facts on particularly the most sublime progressive rock group ever. Alls I can say to these reviews is Ha haa charade you are!

ARE YOU SERIOUS??????????? | Reviewer: Dave | 11/2/11

You must be kidding!! Roger Waters can't sing??? BULLSHIT! I think he has 1 of the coolest sounding voices in music! N I agree with a previous review on a couple of points. 1st, Roger Waters is ABSOLUTELY a genius that wrote most of the songs N ALL of the concepts! 2nd, Roger Waters DIDN'T sing a lot about his dead father! In fact, The ONLY time I heard him sing about that subject was in "When The Tigers Broke Free"!! N I agree with another reviewer, once I knew the Wish You Were Here album was about Syd Barrett, It made it MUCH more beautiful n added new dimensions to it! N just FYI for those who don't know, The Wall is ALSO about Syd Barrett, basically a slightly fictionalized, condensed biography. The 1st half is about what led him to take a HUUUUGE overdose of liquid Acid, 1 Of My Turns is just after he took it N when it took affect, N the rest is conjecture of what must have been going through his mind. He was found in the hotel nearly catatonic as the movie depicted, N according to the research I did,(For an anylitical reading class. I had to explain the symbolism in the movie N had to have references to back it up) all they were able to get out of him was that worms were eating his brain N he couldn't get rid of 'em...

TRUTH | Reviewer: anonnnn | 10/20/11

"Wish you were here is about Syd Barret just a little history cuz you clearly dont know Pink Floyd's"

Not getting involved in your flamefest(youre right on all counts though) But jsut had to say i wish more people knew this, because it makes the album that much more beautiful and relateable when you do know.

Is this motherfucker serious? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/11

hey guy below me shut your fucking mouth Roger Waters is a wonderful singer and a genuis when it comes to writing, if you were a real pink floyd fan you wouldnt say anything but then again you thought Gilmore was an original member. You are an idiot and know nothing about music because for one he didnt write alot about his dad's death. (Animals is about Animal Farm the book, Wish you were here is about Syd Barret just a little history cuz you clearly dont know Pink Floyd's). Shut your mouth you wanker

What does it matter? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/11

So David Gilmour joined in 1968 and wasn't an "original" member - so what? Roger Waters can't sing to save his life and I listen to melodies when I put music on, not the egotistical rantings of somebody who spent most of his life harping on about the death of his father and wallowing in self pity.

"You seem to forget that Roger Waters wrote the lyrics to mainly every Pink Floyd song that we know today. David Gilmour was a big part of Pink Floyd. But he was not an original member of Floyd.. You guys always seem to forget that part. "

geez | Reviewer: Sunflower | 11/22/10

the beggining of this song with the long tones sounds so much like childhood its so nostalgic i could cry. i think everyone should just feel the song an not be in anyway anxious to know what its about. its not entirely about the words its about feeling it...

The Penny King Raced Towards An Early Grave | Reviewer: alexsgabor | 4/24/10

This was one of the Penny King's favorite songs and favorite bands and favorite genre of music. Magical, mystical melodius masters of mysterious music that influences billions of people even to this day! They shall live on immortal throughout infinity!

Political Song | Reviewer: Aquismaia | 4/10/10

I think Pink Floyd to to refer in their songs to specific situations, regarding human issues and how they struggle in life, especially this and welcome to the machine, this is why these people are legends

Pink Floyd Breathe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/10

You seem to forget that Roger Waters wrote the lyrics to mainly every Pink Floyd song that we know today. David Gilmour was a big part of Pink Floyd. But he was not an original member of Floyd.. You guys always seem to forget that part.

Breathe | Reviewer: Q | 10/26/09

Breathe is the beginning of Pink Floyd philosophical and pyschological views of living in the modern world. Truly this song is called breathe because its simply reminding all its listeners to lean back and relax. Dont be the rabbit and ignore the sun... cuz theres always time to dig another one. However they remind us in the next set of lines to remember not to try to balance our fun on the biggest wave lest we end up in a shallow grave. This is why the floyd is known now and forever, lyrical and musical genious on every song of every album. When a band has something to say is when their music reaches its peak and floyd always had something to say!

overdub | Reviewer: reginald | 10/3/09

simple song but effective the floyd made the best decision to exclude syd barrett in my opinion David Gilmour was the true voice of Floyd and Waters will be bitter to the grave .waters treatment of Richard was unforgivable reducing a big part of the Floyds formula to what was no more than a session musician .if this world is still here in a thousand years time The Floyd will still be remembered as pioners of music.