Reviews for Another Brick in the Wall (Compliation) Lyrics

Performed by Pink Floyd

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another wall!! | Reviewer: anonymous | 4/5/09

its a protest song against the rigid schooling in boarding schools and regular ones too.
he talks basically abt the thought control dat went around wen this song was released.aftr the release it was banned in many countries.
another brick in the wall-bricks in a wall are all the same
so if someone is a brick in the wall...he makes no difference to u,or to ur point of view

help | Reviewer: bob | 4/1/09

hey people i would like some help on something......i need your answer on..what does anouther brink in the wall mean like what is he taling about in hes song anything that happen in hes life or other peoples life? tell me what you think or know

A matter of common sense.. | Reviewer: Litle lion | 2/17/09

..This is a great song!!! i just want you to know the effects depend on ur thinking way, dont let someone else decides on what you to do..and remember, where the education is, everyone is just like the others..;)

Spanish Angle | Reviewer: dave barnett | 1/8/09

In Spain, when you die, most people don't get buried in the ground or cremated, but put in walls. When I went to my wife's uncle's funeral, and saw them placing placing the slab in front of his grave, all I could think of was the line "All in all you're just another brick in the wall."

true | Reviewer: Nicholas_90_ | 12/13/08

Three years ago,I was correspondanting with litle letters with my classmate. I was telling him how my girlfriend broke up with me. The teacher saw me while I was droping the letter to my friend,she got it,and she read it out loud,ironicly laughing. Then everyone laughed at me.
A year ago,my franch teacher wouldn't give my friend Katerinne a 'D' cause Katerinne is jewish.
A week ago,our sports teacher was found making out with my best friend's girlfriend in the ladyroom.
Normaly,every teacher would be fired imidietly. But no,this guy is on some sort of a portfolio,so he just got a little payment deduction.(-10%)

etc etc etc

Does it ever end?

Meaning | Reviewer: life,libery,&pursuit_of_happiness... | 10/31/08

This song really is more a political message than actually about the school system in particular. It is about unspoken societal restrictions and ideals, as well as governmental control: a message of nonconformity if you will. The message can be applied to the school system, but it has a much broader meaning. I always cringe when students use it to try to get out of work, just because they don't see how the information will be useful to them. I agree that our school system needs help, but it is still possible to get a good education if the student takes the initiative to learn.
I agree it's a great song; we studied it as a poetic piece in a lit. class, and it has always fascinated me.

Misheard lyric/vocal? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/08

Somehow... I hear at the beginning "You! Yes You! Son, Get away from that!" Dunno if that's just me or if everyone is hearing different things or what they WANT to hear.
There is so much to be heard on this album that only with headphones in a very quiet room can one get a lot of it.

hey! Teacher! LEAVE US ALONE! | Reviewer: Kanto | 10/23/08

I don't want to learn about shit I never gonna use. If I want to receive education, gime something useful, I my life am I going to use logarithms!?
I don't need YOUR education, my dear mathematic teacher...

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/08

i love this song and put into mind this song is rather old. don't be makin stupid comments sayin "that's not right this song is a bad influence".it is a great song. look up the song hot dog by limp bizkit and then complain...

Are you guys serious? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/08

Someone said you dont need education or teachers are teaching something you dont need? Well trust me you'll never know what do you need or what you do, so learn while you can because when the time comes and you'll actually need it there will be no time to learn...

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