Reviews for Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast Lyrics

Performed by Pink Floyd

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nah | Reviewer: parpeleson | 10/23/2007

nah man not at all this songs cool n stuffis but e n my bros this sucks not even good with the sites n n n the words is whats up but i like d the music in the middle parts too n snap crackle pop pop in his bowl with the milk n sugar on the coffee table, where the slippers at, chillin on the tile floor goin squeeky squat, postin on the block reppin my hood doo yoo noo good keep choppin that wood

Far out psychedelic masterpiece | Reviewer: Rob "The Head" | 9/30/2005

Even though in many an inetrview with various members of the Pink Floyd esp Richard wright, perhaps the least psychedelic of the lot, in which it has been stated that they did not like the term "psychedelic" being tagged onto their music, this song..because it IS a one of the most psychedelic songs ever written!!!!!! Simply beautiful to wake up with after a hot night's sex with one's girlfriend or wife, come what may!!!!!!

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