Wow,... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/11

3 things....
1. Omg reading some of the reviews almoat made me cry!!
2. This song relates to me SO much i cant look in the mirror and feel confident with myself:/

Deep | Reviewer: Caitlin | 12/5/10

I have loved this song ever since I was little. I would always sing it in the shower, my car, the playground, even at my relatives house. It really describes how your sel confidence works and how you feel when you dont feel like your good enough for yourself or anybody else. I don't feel like that but I can make the connection with important people in my life!!! Pink rocks!!!!!!

this song | Reviewer: alex | 10/25/08

i cry every time i listen to this song because i cant look in the mirror. i want to write the lyrics of the song all over my face so i can finally look in the mirror. i know this is deep, but its me.

heh... | Reviewer: Mike | 11/26/07

This song describes how I feel about myself half the time perfectly. Like nothing's going right and it's all my fault. Thanks to Pink, this song helps relieve that.

an inspiration | Reviewer: Chrissy | 9/28/07

This song pretty much explains my life. I can't take it with my parents and everything about my school sucks. with my parents it seems like I never do anything right. Thanks to pink there's finally a song out there that relates to how I feel about my life

Wow | Reviewer: Kara | 5/19/07

I heard this song today on the radio and I realized how much this song applied to me. Like I am not a very confident person and for some reason I felt more secure.

An inspiration | Reviewer: Hailey C | 3/12/07

This is sooo inspirational and awesome. whenever im in my room and im upset i just sing along to this song and i makes my tears disappear! I love it and i love pink! she is a great artist and she has already become one of my idols!
if you like her i recomend dear mr.president. the words give you chills!

inspiration | Reviewer: Hailey c. | 3/12/07

I love this song and i listen to it when im upset and my tears disappear. She is my idol and has such inspirational songs w/problems that many teenagers go through.I love her and recomend dear mr.president if you enjoy her music too! I will also accept any emails from anyone who likes her as well!:)

Exellent | Reviewer: Jess | 3/10/07

I love this song.. It reminds me of well, me !