Dear ALL Politicians | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

I aim this at ALL politicians out there who CLAIM that they care about the poverty... the hunger... the homelessness... in the world but do NOTHING to help stop it! Yes dying is a way of life but sending people to war claiming its for "freedom", killing more people than is needed to die and destroying the freedom of others is NOT "freedom"... it's selfishness! saying that you "pity" people in unfortunate situations and do NOTHING to support those people is BULLSHIT!!! You say in your speeches everytime an election comes up how great you are and make the same empty promises everytime. You say that you'll do something but you don't... you make it seem like it's a chore to you: "Go clean your room." "Oh I'll do it later..." There shouldn't BE a later with this... people are dying out there! Life doesn't go for long enough!

Okay... I'll stop ranting but I ain't gonna let this go!

YOU ARE A DUMB BUTT | Reviewer: Katie | 3/12/10

alright carly, you are a dumb butt because you have no idea what happened because of that idiot old guy. i think you should just keep your mouth shut and dont diss my lady pink over here. shes 20x better at everything than you will ever be.

love, katie

Not a good idea for a song | Reviewer: Anonymous K | 1/26/10

You have got to be kidding me. She's blaming Bush for going to war in the Middle East? Thinks he doesnt understand hard work and poverty? Poverty is inevitable anywhere, and apparently Pink can't get enough of extremist terrorist attacks. This is NOT one of the most 'important' songs she has ever written, its sad and offensive and really naive. If my brother died at war, I'd be upset but I wouldnt blame it on the President or leave my brother with an epitaph that he died in vain. She ought to be proud of her brother for sacrificing his life for his country and/or being a peacekeeper in another country... Nobody likes war or death, but I am EXTREMELY thankful for our military protecting our freedoms, and if anything, she ought to be as well! I don't AGREE with her prancing around on TV in her lingerie and undies but she has the freedom here to do that DOESNT SHE!!!! I think it's really really sad that Liberals dont understand this very basic thing about America. Shame on you all. And as for all you in Europe who love Obama and Bush-Bash, you guys dont have a clue what you're talking about. Go on and live in your precious terrorist cell nations if you love them tyrranical dictatorships so much. PLEASE GO! They're not your friends. You just don't get it, and neither does she. She's mad and wants to blame somebody, that's all this is. Besides there was too much nationalism here in the US for her to have been popular with a song like this. She would have been booed....except overseas.

-_- | Reviewer: Alexx | 12/19/09

"What the shit?" to the people who are downing this song. How can you say this shit is a way of life and that it is meant to happen? okay death is meant to happen but atleast dying this way, there is a choice. it isn't inevitable. And that's because Bush is waging wars..and apparently its for America's "freedom" but how does that work when he's sending out soldiers who are being killed and destroying the freedom of all the Iraqi civilians? That is NOT freedom.

This song reminds me of Holiday by the glorious Green Day. A very very clever song and very strong opinionated. Although in Holiday, Green Day are standing up against the war, not just Bush. Seriously, read it, and there is no way you can down it and say it's what happens because those lyrics point out it should NOT happen and that there is obviously something wrong with it, and anyone who can't see that is blind.

I'm not a fan of Pink, I don't really like the things she sings about but this song is brilliant. I'm glad she brought out a song like this, it's what the world needs so everyone can open their eyes.
Well done Pink, very well done.

WELL DONE PINK | Reviewer: hannah | 11/27/09

Id just like to say that pink just summed up what most people in Britain( i live in scotland) think of bush that he's a fucking idiot ask bush what countries are in britain he'd probibly fucking say england is britain , im just saying america you did good voting in Obama it just proves all those people who fought for human rights didnt waste ther time i mean im not naive i know people are still racist its just I LOVE OBAMA

eeeeyyyy | Reviewer: anna | 8/9/09

well i wan t to say that pink is a brillian t singer and want to say her that this song is the most special nd tha most real letter ive ever seen and hear.while i seing the video and hear the letter i satated to cry,because the images are incredible.this is best song that ive ever heard

woww.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/09

okay, I like Pink's music. And I applaud her for taking a stand for what she believes in. But, I can't say that I agree with her. Yeah, some pretty messed up crap is happening in the US right now. But it's happening everywhere. The economy is struggling, and no, one man will never be able to solve that problem on his own. And life can suck sometimes, regardless of who you are or who the country's leader is. People go hungry, people die, it's facts of life. And as far as the military goes, I have family memebers serving as we speak. And every one of them will tell you that they are honored to serve our country. They are fighting for our freedom, and I am so grateful for all the lives that have been laid down for that. As you all should be. Also, the war is not only to save our tails, because if we had not shut down the terrorist group, the US would have inevitably encountered more attacks, but to help out another country that is struggling. So, while Bush is not perfect, he is just a man. And you know, people need to be mature and make the best of what they have. I'm 15, and I realize that. So yeah. There you go.

To sarah | Reviewer: Emily | 5/16/09

So... you didn't get to say good bye to your brother. That sucks. But you can't blame Bush for that... your brother's the one who signed the military papers. I'm a soldier myself and I'm getting ready for my second tour to Iraq. The first one was 15 months long. You may be hurt about the whole the thing and I don't believe the war's right, either. But to sit there and bash Whitney for what she believed about it... your brother and myself and thousands of others went to Iraq so you could have the freedom to post your hateful comments. If I were you, I'd do a little bit of soul searching and realize that death is a part of life. If your brother hadn't been killed in the war, he would've died in some other manner. It was his time and if you wanna blame anyone, blame him... he signed the papers to go to Iraq. Obviously you can't see this because of the hurt, denial, and your illiteracy.

Lame ass Bush | Reviewer: sarah | 4/17/09

I give it up to pink because she put the truth out there.The stuff bush didnt left me and my family is in hurt because when didnt get that chance to say goodbye to my brother. Bush fuck this country up, and you got to be blind as hell to not see that. Im saying this to whitney who trying to take up for that dumb bitch.Let your family get send to the war and get kill and than i want to see what you say about that you fucking looser.

paving the road to hell? | Reviewer: WHITNEY | 3/8/09

Hmm. Paving his road to hell?! You all are simply..pathetic. For all of you downing on pink, don't. You don't know her.I give her props for standing up for her shit. And I don't think u all have the right to bag on her...or Bush. You don't know him either. He hates his daughter for being gay? First off, he doesn't hate her.he's afraid. Come on, half of u ass holes don't know what its like to be a parent..he doesn't know how to handle that. And its prob a religious thing..dnt bag on peoples religion. Because then, YOUR paving YOUR road to hell. And yeahh he drank..key work..DRANK. I know 99.9% of you would like ur friends even if they drank..soo he had a problemm..hello last time I checked he was fuckingg human..just like you..yall aren't perfect so before u hate on peoples flaws look at ur own shit, look at ur own road to hell ur paving.

Truth Hurts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/09

Pink is so on the money with this song. She nails Bush exactly right. Republicans can blame a Democratic Congress for all the woes of the US, but what they forget is that the US has had a Democratic Congress for nearly twenty years. So if there is any finger pointing to be done, they had best be looking in a mirror and point at themselves. Pink expresses what the MAJORITY of the US population is feeling and WE spoke on November 20th. No more of the mindless spending and profiteering from war; give the bailout to the people who really need it- the everyday person who is struggling to keep his or her home. The lyrics are also correct that a father turned his back on a daughter for one thing. How would you conservatives like to be judged solely on the basis that you are judgmental hypocrits that cannot see past your own beliefs you are trying to shove down everyone else's throat? Thank God we still live in the United States of America where everyone is granted the right to voice his or her own opinion and that will be preserved by a president that will now uphold the Constitution instead of trying to dissolve it.

pinks a dumb butt | Reviewer: Carly | 1/28/09

to kayo: bush was not a bad president.... for your info he started the war to save peoples lives in IRAQ.... Wow yeah.... i can see how you have A BIG problem with that.... yeah and also pink is dumb 2.. ... george bush is a waaaay better prez than alot of stupid liberals think.... he cut taxes for every class..... sure he let spending get out of control but most of that was the democratic congress who blamed it all on bush, he stuck up for his opinion the problem was congress had way more votes than him... so he was simply out voted.... and as for laura bush she is known as one of the most graceful first ladys ever... i feel bad for the bush's cause they were abused during his preidency and you know only a democrat would be mean enough to sing "hey,hey hey goodbye" during obamas inaguration...... amen to bush and screw pink

someone is thinking. | Reviewer: Patricia Batteate | 1/21/09

Absolutely a wake up call. Pink is the bomb. The emotion she rediates can be felt around the world. The one scene with the little boy bedding his baby sister down broke my heart. Pink, you keep writing and singing, the world feels a safer with you in it.

WELL DONE | Reviewer: Claire | 11/17/08

People shouldnt say pink isnt worth what that song means cause that is well out of order! These subjects that pink is singing about are really hard 2 sum up in 1 song and she did a well gud job. I sent her the first verse 4 that song in a letter! THEY WERE MY IDEA! anyway well done pink ur amazing and a really gud inspiration 2 us all. PINK YOU ROCK!!!!

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/08

This song is great!
she is basically singing what the whole of america thinks of george bush !
What good has he ever done for this country.
she's amazing and really made me open my eyes.
i think shes great and this song is a real honest opinion from her which i and many people agree with!