From Then Until Now | Reviewer: Adam Rock | 1/12/14

From their early somewhat "rapcore" roots until now, these guys just pound away vocally in a Christian hard rock way nowadays. With "Fireproof" highlighting some of their former "rapcore" edge to now being a mostly straight up hard rock Christian that tends to portray a fair amount of in your face themes to their lyrics such as "Bring Me Down," "Frontlines" and "For the Love of the Game," these guys are on the "frontlines" to invade hard rock Christian music.

Pillar rocks! | Reviewer: Bidhan | 4/27/10

I love da way u guys wrap n mix up da beats.i have almost all da albumb of urs.i was a christain but now i m not,anyways i listen ur songs n appreciate it deeply cuz u guys really hav talent n r worth praising.Y dont u guys try little secular...u can reach 2 more numbers,bt neways luv u guys u rock!!!

amazing | Reviewer: Anthony Madrigal | 2/17/10

pillar created their own movement led by christ... i love rock and would't listen to christian music with heart until i heard these guys. they inspired me and i currently write and perform music with my friends in north carolina... we call ourselves 3rd time redemption. pillar? you rock!!!! go hard for christ and die deadly for his glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!