MARIJUANA!!! | Reviewer: Jacob edward roodhouse | 5/18/07

just one question... why... why is it illeagle to smoke our preacious gift from our beautifull mother earth.. these fuckin facists are trying to run the world, but if they dont stop to take a look around.. it will all very soon be gone.. we are about to end exsistance with war, hate and worst of all.. nukes.. and i cant just sit at home and smoke?!?! so much is going through my head, i just cant proccess it right now, i love you beautifull mother earth, if only they really knew what they were doing to you

Marijuana is a song by Brian Robbins | Reviewer: Teresa Chang | 4/8/06

I have the album it's on - great CD BTW. It's on go to the music page and scroll down

Awesome! | Reviewer: ChinaCat1120 | 11/12/05

Great tune but it is NOT PHISH. I'm trying to find out who did this ditty and will post when I find out.

On the money. | Reviewer: Sean | 10/25/05

What a great song. On point the whole time. To me, it's contradictory to everything that pot haters say smokers are capable of doing. A focused and articulate song.