Ben, you're a godd*mn genius | Reviewer: Alyssa | 8/2/11

Ben's write. Phish would never right a song so stupid. Anybody in the write mind knows that. How offensive and stupid of people to think phish would right such a song? It's just not write.

Maybe you should spell check your comments before you go around calling others stupid, Ben. =)

definitely NOT phish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/11

i love phish. and i don't hate this song, but it is not them. just because you download a song from some music sharing site, does not mean that the label is correct and accurate. it is brian robbins' song and he is not in phish...

Lame! | Reviewer: Treygordon | 10/25/10

O.k. I finally heard this song on livewire and it totally sucks. This is not Phish nor is the song wonderwall which also sucks. Please delete these two as it makes this site look foolish and undermines the credability of the phan who posted the lyrics. Thanks.

NOT PHISH | Reviewer: ben | 5/25/10

This song is NOT by phish, so for all of you who are saying it is, you are completely 100% wrong. Phish would not right such a stupid song, and it is clearly not them. The closest song phish ever played to a song about marijuana is " wildwood weed" which they played ONCE in vegas 1997. Thats that.

Not Phish. | Reviewer: Treygordon | 4/1/10

Whoever says this is Phish is wrong. I have almost every show on my hard-drives and also have the Phish Companion and have never heard of this. As far as I know it has never even been soundchecked. I've been on tour since 95 so I'm not a rook, or a wook for that matter. See you on tour!

Definitely not Phish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/08

This song is not done by Phish. I does not sound like Trey or Mike or any of them. As said before, its done by Brian Robbins. If you think it sounds like Phish, then you obviously dont listen to much Phish.

I hope Jon Yockey reads this | Reviewer: ?????? | 10/24/07

I just got put on probation for a drug charge a little whilw back now. all i did was smoke every once in a while and now it's like i get watched every time i turn a corner. im gonna send these lyrics to my P.O. so he can see the truth behind the most amazing thing this earth has ever brought us. "It's only a gateway drug if you want it to be"

it is phish. | Reviewer: Katie | 9/3/07

it's definitely phish. and it's amazing. so whoever said it wasnt phish is totally wrong. alright peace.

marijuana | Reviewer: josh | 8/11/07

i just like to get high haha...theres too many questions about legalizing and i quit trying to find the answers so i break the law like everybody else and cheif as much as i want... stick it the MAN... keep the mary jane alive cause the smell is just too damn good

My reason for looking up the lyrics.. | Reviewer: Julia | 8/4/07

is that I just got put on probation for something unrelated to drugs and totally stupid *growls and shakes head*.. so I wanna learn the lyrics to sing them at the PO's waiting room cause I'm the only white chick seen there :P ya KNOW those guys love the blunt.. and so do I.
I love the lyrics.. so 'right' on the money. I first heard Phish on the Simpson cartoon. LOVED IT AND STILL LOVING IT! too bad I won't get to see a concert though :(
Katt Williams asked.. what are the side effects?
1. Hungry
2. Happy
3. Sleepy
and how you gonna kill anyone that way? booze kills ... not pot. why won't they make such a 'nice' drug legal when they make drinking ok?
1. Domestic Violence
2. Drunk driving *I don't know anyone that wants to drive when smokin.. and the one time I did.. I drove SO SLOW!!*
3. Alcohol Poisoning *Katt Williams on limewire .. he said it right too.. how many ppl 'overdose' on weed?*

Julia 36yo STL