Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/14

This is a GREAT song. I never paid much attention to it because the beat was not as fast as the others. I thought it was boring But it was on an album and I listened to it. Oh my gosh, that is exactly what I am going thru right now.. or should I say JUST GOT OVER thank GOD! The pain! It comes off as very raw and I totally can identify with those feelings. Right now, hoping to remain "friends." Nothing more. Phil Collins is a masterful genius!!

Oh oh oh oh... I know in my heart of heart of hearts i know i never gonna hold you again... | Reviewer: Adeboyejo Ayo seun | 12/22/10

Oh oh oh why i know i'll never see u again that why i wish it would rain down,down on me Oh i wish it would rain....oh i open my eyes wide to blink back the tears when i heard this song "I WISH IT WOULD RAIN" but it only pour out I ONLY PASSED BY AS A FRIEND,YOU KNOW I NEVER MEANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!everybody who has heard this song take heart because i hav been consoled!

10! | Reviewer: Robin | 9/22/10

The character in this song is exactly me. When heard this song for the first time i instantly cryed especially with "You know I never meant to see you again
But I only passed by as a friend"
.And this song a helped me a lot! thx phil

Beautiful song,, | Reviewer: Adrie | 9/21/10

For the first time today i actually listened to this song attentively,,i usually just sing through this songs like its nothing. Its really sad song,it sort of makes me think of the guy i didn't mean to hurt which i eventually did. Great song,,and i'm loving it more:-):-):)

This Song and Another Day in Paradise THE BEST | Reviewer: Omar | 8/25/10

I Discover this song very late, I guess in this year 2010, accidently I bought cd call "VIVO POR TI" (I LIVE FOR YOU), with greats hits in music english, and this Song was included, I must confess I never Was hear this wonderful song, Phill you are genius, The feelings transmited in the lyrics and the music, make you I dont know say in english (Colocar los pelos de punta), I`m sorry by my bad English, I´m From Venezuela and my languaje is Spanish,,, what ever, Also I was to agregate, I have the video, in one cd "videos englis Various", And every time this video begin, I forward, And I never see, until one Friday I was drinking and I see the title "I WISH IT WOULD RAIN DOWN" Of the self Phil Collins, and like someone say in another comentarie, YES the man play the guitar is the GREAT ERIC CLAPTON, and in my bad english I understand in the video is the director need one number to distray the public, and the band sugesst, Phill the man play the drum can SING, and the director say, "ok and WHO play the drum if he sing, And Eric Say "that man, (a black man) CAN DO,, and finally you hear the GREAT SONG,, I HOPE DONT BORE ALL YOU WITH THIS WORDS SO LONGER,, I`M OMAR ENRIQUE FROM VALENCIA VENEZUELA,, saludos a todos,,

Phil collins at his best | Reviewer: Jeff mwangi | 8/22/10

i alwez listen to this song time and again, i just cant get enough of it! i pity the character in this song, he is aware that they are not getin back together thus: i just passed by as a friend!" makes me wanna cry.its a nice song, phill collins at his best.

it is beautiful song | Reviewer: sfiso | 8/24/08

i like the video of this song when it start phill collins as a cleaner as he asked 2 be givin a chance to sing u know after song i feel tears on my eyes it took me where i never be i love this song

lyrics and chords are a perfect fit | Reviewer: gary gustafson | 4/19/08

A brilliant song. It just happened to be one of dozens of songs that got put on my exercise music tape. Over the months I would use it to finish the workout, often repeating it several times at the end. Later I found myself often playing it at home over and over. It feels a piercing pain I imagine everyone has felt. Then I looked up the lyric and it fit together like a puzzle. It doesn't matter whether the character is innocent or a jerk, we have all inadvertently hurt someone who suddenly walks away -- and its gone. Unbelievably, all gone. And there we are. And there we are with the song. Great art capturing a universal moment of incredible sorrow and loss.

Rain down over me... | Reviewer: The Phoenis Frejja | 7/5/07

Watch the video: it has some very comical stuff before and after the song!!!

But the video aside, THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE SONGS EVER!!! Every time I hear it, it makes me wanna cry, and even though I don't actually have it myself (only hear it through youtube these days) I frequently wander round my hometown and college, singing, "ooh now I wish it would rain down, down on me" and breaking my heart.

It touches you right *there*

I agree. Phil Collins at his best xxx

Phil Collins providing the soundtrack for a porn movie??? | Reviewer: | 11/5/05

The first time I heard this song was in a XXX rated porn film. The best thing about this film was this song. I was watching these two guys go at it and I was mesmerized by the song. Before long I just shut my eyes to block out the porn and listen to this awesome song. I dont know if it is a new or old song but it definetly was Phil Collins at his best.

WHO?? | Reviewer: Kevin | 8/8/05

Who was the bassist and the drummer and pianist and perhaps synthesizerist in this song? I think Eric Clapton was the electric guitarist. Am I right? This song was awesome. I can't get enough of it. It kind of talks about some guy keeping his distance from this girl because he caused her a good deal of pain and he wishes he could see and maybe hold her again. Awesome song. It definitely inspired me. :) :) :) :)