Day in Paradise | Reviewer: unknown | 4/4/13

I live in a country where it looks like Paradise on the first take ... with a closer look one might see how the poor live among the not so poor, well to do & the rich. Every soul has their view of how Paradise might be to them ... this song seems to take a closer look at how a person views another who's homeless & the reaction of being confronted with the situation but does nothing ... People create their own Paradise ...

great song | Reviewer: andrew | 1/14/11

...when we feel down we must think about others who are not so lucky, who have no home, or what to eat or maybe they live in war zone, or they have no legs or no hands,blind people ...and we shall see that we are in paradise even if we don't feel it ....

'Just THINK about it.......' | Reviewer: Barbara-Pearl Robson | 4/16/10

This most poignant song urges us to "THINK about it". It would b easy to FEEL tearfully sentimental/guilty & maybe drop something in the hat OR pretend not to notice ( as the lyrics say.)
Where I live I'm surrounded by homeless 'beggars' so sometimes I do one or the other. COMPASSION BURN-OUT is a very real problem... but the ROOT CAUSES of homelessness aren't going away.....
I DO believe the answer is to THINK more; get together with other people & organizations.. SPEAK to The Homeless themselves & invite THEIR ideas and pass-on INFORMATION we've gathered too.
We have to JOIN FORCES - ALL of us. There is no "paradise" for us whilst blatant INJUSTICE exists.

~ | Reviewer: Billianna | 12/23/09

I am a very emotional person, and this type of awarness bothers me! Everytime I hear a song like that(and I've heard a lot because my idol is Michael Jackson) I cry because I know this things happen! I wish we could do something to change it ! And btw this song is wonderful really maked me think about it!

Another day in paradise | Reviewer: Veronica martel | 6/27/08

When I first heard this song (like a hundred years ago and not familiar with english)I thought it was about a young prostitute asking for change, but now (Im still struggling with this language) it might not be. This way it makes less impact on me but still its an impact. Good song.

another day in paradise | Reviewer: bassem | 10/25/07

phill collins is one of the best singer in all the world,when he is singing he is singing by his feelings and its very good feelings.i wish for him all the best and to be healthy always .and i wish that they sale his tapes in egypt because its very difficult to find it.thanks

A Great Song | Reviewer: Ender | 10/23/07

This is a beautifully written song. I don't know if Phil Collins wrote it or not, but if he did then he should write more music in this vein. The only songs that matter are songs that try to increase social awareness.
If you enjoyed this song, you might like "Stole" by Kelly Rowland, "How to Save a Life" by the Frey or "Brother, can you spare a dime" by Bing Crosby.

another day in paradise | Reviewer: wilmer | 2/8/07

welll, let me tell you that is it a great music, my respect for phil collins.