Lost love | Reviewer: Caleb | 1/11/08

This song reminds me of the only girl I have ever truely loved. After we split, it nearly crippled me becase I was so overcome with emotion. 6 years on, and Im a bit older and wiser... but it always takes me back... and always makes me a happy sad when i hear it...and I will always think of her.

Not sure.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/07

I just listent to the a live version of the song, from back in the 80's. It could just be this very version, but the line "It's a chance I've gotta take" is NOT in the song!? He "just" repeats "and that's what I've got to face"...

IS REALLY NICE. | Reviewer: YO | 11/24/07

i love this song since i was a child... and now i am 16 years old an i steel love it.
mas que nada voy a escribir en castellano porque soy de buenos aires anrgentina.
estoy neamorada de phill a pesar de sus 57 aƱos de edad... canta demsiado bien

once upon a time | Reviewer: Brian | 10/19/07

First time ever I heard this song I was 19 and I was to do mu national service in former Yugoslavia. I loved a girl who went to study pharmacy and I haven't seen her for a long time. Today, I heard this song on the radio and it reminded me on the past when our smiles and our hearts were honest.

A Kings Ransom | Reviewer: Onyx Queen | 5/26/07

I was lost emotionally for many years, after meeting, and spending a limited amount of time with the love of my life. Circumstances distanced us, and I loved this song the moment I first heard it. It always made me think of him, and how I love him.

Mohamed from Trust Pharma | Reviewer: mohamed | 3/20/07

i feel this song when i hear it ,it is the best for me.

emotionaly true | Reviewer: Destiny Mendez | 7/17/06

this song is very emotionaly true becuase it tells about how someones love life is seen from another persons eyes.... its quite remarkable...but i love this song.. it helps me get through all my problems....its just soo true.....

Excellent song. | Reviewer: Scott | 5/2/06

This song conveys great emotion through lyric and music. It shows the intense feelings that can come from a deep and passionate relationship. It leaves you with the heavy feeling of emotion, long after the song has ended.

Mom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/05

This song is the song that best explains how the death of my mother has made me feel.