good childhood memories | Reviewer: jim konistis | 8/20/09

I was a professional soccer player from my school days,back in the early 80's.Soccer was my life,6 days a week.I first heard this song at a Christian concert in Sydney,at a place called the Hordern Pavillion where i worked as an usher,from 1982-1991.This song showed me how to be humble,patient,and above all,blessed me with the ability to try and help others to fulfill their sporting dreams,regardless their ability.
That night i remember just standing in the aisle and just balling my eyes out,at the mere thought of this poor kid being "exiled" to the outfield because he was "no good".I made it my personal endeavour that i would never judge a person on his "inability" but try and focus on what they did well.Thank you for posting the lyrics as it has brought back alot of good memories.God Bless.

Right Field | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/04

I first discovered the song in 5th grade when participated in the children's musical "Sermon on the Mound" by Celeste Clydesdale. I loved the song.