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Review about MON VRAI DESTIN
------Performed by Peter, Paul & Mary | 09/17/2007 11:00:00 AM

Mon vrai destin -- corrections

Just a few typos. The text should read:

1st stanza, 4th line:
Quel dommage mes yeux sont des sources claires.

1st stanza, 7th line:
Quel dommage mon ame n'est pas de pierre.

1st stanza, 8th line:
Mais les voix de mes fantomes ne connaissent pas la douleur de l'homme

2nd stanza, 4th line:
Dans un monde plein de neant

Here's the kicker -- I don't know how to type accent marks. But in the interest of completeness, "ame" and "fantome" have an "accent circonflex" over the "a" in "ame" and the "o" in "fantome," respectively. An "accent circonflex" looks like an inverted v.

"Neant" has an "accent aigue" over the "e". That's a line that goes from the lower left corner to the upper right corner.

But if you can't get accents to work, it's OK to just type the correct letters. Folks who care about accent marks will know where they go.

Thanks much for the site.


Thanks to Anonymous for submitting the review.