love it | Reviewer: Melissa | 9/30/07

As long as he working to support his family, he deserves to be able to go out with the boys. I wish I could find a new cowboy! I've been too busy being the "cowboy" in my last relationship.

I found my Cowboy | Reviewer: Evelyn | 8/18/07

Paula does a fabulous job describing the man I waited for... all my life...Listen to the album and enjoy the richness of relationships between males to females and females to females

perfect song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

a perfect song for those of us who have been in relationships where emotional needs are not met with self-absorbed men.

a right to be bitter! | Reviewer: kelly | 7/26/07

Who can blame the woman. I know how she feels and i love this song cause it really does sum it up!

A traditional woman | Reviewer: Jose | 7/14/07

Is not that she is bitter. She understands her role in the relationship. The guy she is talking about might be a little bit of a jerk, but at least he works his ass out, pay the bills, and sold a 56 classic to help with the new baby. Cool ass song!!!!

hilarious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/07

this is one of the funniest songs i've ever heard in my life! this woman must be so bitter!

Multiple interps | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

I LOVE where have all the cowboys gone? The magic of cowboy image is enticing, and some things still apply. I love it that my cowboy takes out the trash and does the heavy lifting at home. Just because I'm liberated doesn't mean he isn't physically stronger. And, he's quite the love rock!

Irony | Reviewer: Uncultured Boor Yourself | 6/2/07

Irony is a disparity between what happens, and what you expect to happen. Her song is not ironic at all. Her song is merely sarcastic. She doesn't lament the old days at all. She's remarking that all the "cowboys" are gone, but also notes on the stupidity of wishing they were there. Sure, they might be chivalrous.... when they're not actively drinking or otherwise.

Uncultured Boors | Reviewer: Cynic | 12/11/06

Paula's song is IRONIC. Look it up or ask your 6th grade English teacher. She is lamenting the good old days while pointing out the hardships that went with them.

Modern dynamics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/06

I am not so sure today's man buys into the deal of I'll do the dishes, I'll raise the kids and you go out there and make the money. That genetic distinction of "Me Tarzan, you Jane" which translate to "Me take care of you, you take care of house" seems to have lost favor in western society about the same time the British Invasion of mid-sixties interrupted the social fabric which Grace Metalious's "Peyton Place" started to shred.


standing up for tallcasino | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/06

That guy who said tallcasino does not miss her that much does not understand that some people do not like to use credit cards over the internet. What Tall meant was where can you get that song in a store.


Houston, Tx.

Anoymous is wrong | Reviewer: Nicole | 7/12/06

Anoymous is an idiot (1/5/2006) This song is not in any store and if its on the internet be aware that some folks don't have there own PC and have to use public one's like I do. So where has Paula Cole and TallCasino gone ?

Hollywood, Ca.

Paula CD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/06

TallCasino must not have missed her all That much-her "This Fire" CD is readily available most anywhere you look-Amazon,etc,if they want to hear "Where have all the cowboys gone",it's on it...

Where Has Paula Cole Gone? | Reviewer: TallCasino | 11/15/05

I love the song "Where have all the cowboys gone?". I can't find any Paula Cole CD out anywhere to buy that song.
My new song will be titled "Where has Paula Cole gone?" I love you kiddo!

The one and only TallCasino on MSN!