Artist | Reviewer: Anne | 11/5/12

Paula Cole is a true artist. I am a musician myself and appreciate and look up to her musical abilities one of which is amazing rhythm. It takes years to be able to accomplish what she has accomplished through her music. A true musician to me is an artist. She is an artist.

Hoping to hear more from Paula | Reviewer: Belinda M | 10/26/12

I enjoyed Where have all the cowboys gone on the radio. And, bought This Fire in 1996. I still have it and play it when I go on trips. The way I related to (Cowboys), being from Texas. I thought it spoke to the part of men who were strong loyal providrs for their families. And wouldnt hurt a fly. Or their wives and or children! You know, the John Wayne type of hero. Not for helping weak little women! But, true, trustworthy, loyal, empathetic. Qualities needed for rajising a family in a loving and secure environment!

Clearwater Beach Show Fall 2009 | Reviewer: Shawn | 12/5/09

Simply musical genius with incredible range in genre as well as pitch. She is back with an emotional vengence that can only be described as down to earth and genuine in it purest form. A must see for fans and newcomers alike. See her in a small venue and have your CD signed after the concert. Courage is certainly worth getting.

i love Paula | Reviewer: evangeline | 1/11/08

I am a chinese girl,the first time I heard Paula on the radio when I was a junior high school student .Quite a few people know her!It is a pity!!