Lyrics are a tad better than the song itself | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/09

Someone here said the lyrics don't make sense. I believe the text speaks for itself. Clearly these are somewhat lost people in a life crisis situation. However, MY span of attention is also short so I don't feel like explaining or analyzing right now... Of couse, Paul Simon's explanation would be more in-depth.

About the spinning angels.. | Reviewer: Mattias | 9/9/09

I think the angels actually ARE details in the architecture, and it's not they that are spinning, but the man. He doesn't recognize his surroundings or the language. His perception is spinning due to drugs, fatigue or confusion.

Most of the lyrics is pretty straight-forward with three men (or possibly just one man) going through a life crisis. His body is turning softer, wife left him, he's a joke, lost, without direction.

The Methamphetamine Speed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/09

The drugs have entered my brain cells, sadly. They have left again. I saw the 'angels in the architecture'. It was different for me. I identify it with the Simon lyric from the spinning part. If there are angels, they have a human figure, and there is more than one. The whole figure spinning is the key to the image. It is the stations of Hell, forever posted on a spit, turning. Face, side of head, back of head, face; it's scary.

a | Reviewer: Jimmy | 6/5/09

Did someone just claim Dylan's Desolation Row is gibberish? There is a a distinct difference between a lack of understanding and lack of meaning. Many of Dylan's songs are simply songs, but Desolation Row is not unintelligible by any means.

the best | Reviewer: sam | 3/27/09

Paul Simon you are one of my favorite singers and i am 11 years old so you are still a hit.My favourite songs are diamonds on the soles of her shoes , you can call me al , homelless, the obvious child and me and julio down by the school yard I listen to them over and over again there the best so thanks for the great songs.

hmm | Reviewer: jackholden | 3/12/09

Sometimes I think Simon is playing with us. Close study of these lyrics seems to indicate they're just words thrown on a page. Same thing with Dylan. Study "Desolation Row" sometime. Once the drugs wear off, it appears to be gibberish.

wht he wants to say with soft in the middle | Reviewer: sbek | 2/27/09

really its a great song and i like it so much but still one thing confuse me , i dont knwo wht he wants to say with "soft in the middle" i would be pleased if some one inlight me by e_mail and thanx

This Song Is GREAT! | Reviewer: Danni Morgan | 12/31/08

Hy people This song is Great Isn't. It's such a Feel-Great about yourself song AINT it. I first heard it on the radio going baby shopping. Then i was thinking when it is Crying an Whaling i can Sing him this song cause it brings me RIGHT back up. So Guys u are Still Great! Have a GOOD one!:)
Love Danni

Can't get it out of my head! :) | Reviewer: Briezy | 11/24/08

I love this song! I first heard it a few years ago at a University of Florida basketball game (it's kind of a theme song/tradition for the b-ball games). Anyways, my husband I have been listening to it for the last week or so pretty consistently and I can't get it out of my head! I keep humming, bouncing around the house to the beat, and blasting it in the car. It still hasn't gotten old yet. Great song!!!

great | Reviewer: XXXXX | 11/7/08

yeah the video is kind of ambivalent sad but uplifting its like hey lifes crazy and rough but its so beautiful to i think the song also speaks of the different moods and faces that we see life in this crazy corroded conflicting culture that loves all the great stuff in life and the garbage that comes with it, and helps us stick to the better parts, 1

thanks, Paul | Reviewer: howard hart | 3/10/08

Images, message and a great river of rythym to flow upon. Yeah, ...why I am soft in the middle, I've got a short little span of attention. Mr. Simon, you have left the world a much better place!

Real Art | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/08

Paul Simon is realy what we call ARTISTIC ARTIST compare to others that we should call BUSINESS ARTISTS. Paul Simon will stay forever as a reference.
Thank you Paul!

bat-faced-girl | Reviewer: celeste | 11/8/07

that's a pretty story
and you can call me all is a great song, I have to admit I laugh every time I see the video, even when it's the 15 time I watch it... it's kind of sad, but I don't know, it's encouraging somehow.

Great song | Reviewer: Jessica | 10/31/07

As others have said, I've also been listening to this song for years. Paul Simon's songs are so atmospheric somehow and just never date. I don't know why but I often picture New York in the winter when I listen to them. I love this one and "Hearts and Bones", "Graceland", "Me and Julio down by the school yard"... etc etc. A great talent.

Love it | Reviewer: Bent | 10/22/07

Been listening to this song for years. It's my favorite song by Paul Simon...this and "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes."