you can call me rahim | Reviewer: tury06 | 10/16/07

Believe me this song is a real classic and I love it. I will listen to it over and over again.I will never get tired of listenning to it, it such a wonderful song to listen to.

you can call me al | Reviewer: Zorica | 10/10/07

i agree with Sebastian,this song i can listen over and over again.two days this song is the hit of the day in one radio station in Belgrade in Serbia.

you can call me al | Reviewer: sabastian | 10/1/07

I think this song will endure the great test of time to time indefinite .This is a great track one can listen over and over again

Paul Simon Rules! | Reviewer: Andrew | 9/21/07

It's amazing that the music for this song can be so happy, and yet the lyrics are sad. Listening to this song still makes me happy, though!

I need a bodyguard, just e mailed a friend, then thought of this song | Reviewer: louise | 9/14/07

This song makes me so happy even though the lyrics are sad. I just recd. an e-mail from a friend I hadn't heard from for a few months and I told him I may be needing a body guard (he is a skinny little guy about 5'6" and it suddenly struck me as very funny and I started humming this song so I googled the lyrics and that is all I have to say about that. Actually I am quite capable of taking care of myself.

classic song | Reviewer: tony testa | 9/12/07

Paul Simon is one of those rare artists who can write classic songs like this one that appeals to people of all ages from the day it was released and will continue to for the next 50 years. If all you people that have listened to this song and love it then do yourself a favour and listen to more Paul Simon songs; in particular Mother and Child Reunion.

About the song You Can Call Me Al performed by Paul Simon | Reviewer: Daniella | 9/2/07

This song is actually really sad... Read the lyrics. Paul Simon rocks [= Such a great lyricist

You can call me Al | Reviewer: Sandra | 8/6/07

My late dad's name was Alfred and there is a time he played this song everyday after he went to a live Paul Simon and Black Mambazo show(in Zimbabwe). He tricked us into believing that he had asked Paul Simon to write a song about him and that Paul Simon wrote this song for him. I was about 8 years old and I totally believed him.
He used to sing it to my mum:
I can call you babe
and baby when you call me you call me Alf....
na na na na na na na na na na.....

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/07

dude awesome song fuckin awesome it one of those songs if your in a bad mood you can just get up and dance i love it and i usually dont like this type of music

my name is al | Reviewer: allan | 7/19/07

people call me al!! ha ha!! i love this song heard it about 4 years ago and am going to use it for my first dance at wedding! the misses likes it aswell.

Paul Simon's and Chevy Chase | Reviewer: Ashley | 7/17/07

I first saw this song on TV at like midnight on a local music channel, showed 2 males dancing around with instruments, i love chevy and Paul 'AL' Simon. He has that talent to write a song and find a funny actor as the cherry on the well decorated cake of the music industry

You Can Call Me Al | Reviewer: Ben | 7/9/07

Great song - Paul wrote it about himself. Despite having a fabulously successful career, he still had all these neurotic doubts about himself. Then, he went to a business meeting where he was introduced to a new marketing representative from his record label. This lady (Betty) kept calling him "Al" Simon. That's when he realized that he really was in a strange world, but that it was all pretty funny.

if you'll be my bodyguard... | Reviewer: victoria | 7/2/07

i'm 19 years old. & i think the first time i heard this song, was in the car w/my mom, on a radio station that played hits from the 70s, 80s, & 90s. i grew up listening to simon and garfunkel. i love this song, it's one of my favorites.

WOW =] | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/1/07

i heard this song when i was about 5...! I loved it lol. I like most of his songs and also someone that I think sounds a bit like him (James Taylor)
I like Gracelands too

I heard this with my Dad in the car...I've loved it ever since.. =P That was about 9 Years ago and i still remembered it =] x

awesome | Reviewer: fredred | 6/29/07

Awesome FARKing song.... but when you really study the lyrics you wonder "what the Fark is this song about???"