The Sound Of Silence | Reviewer: Jim | 3/5/08

A bit of a late bloomer, The Sound Of Silence was one of the earliest rock songs I listened to as a young child during the 70s. This song is a classic. I prefer the 1964 version, because it is more pure. The 1965 version adds on drums, etc., which makes it sound a little more artificial than the original version.

However, this song is also extremely timely. It is as relevant today as during the 1960s. Basically, Simon and Garfunkel are saying that in the modern world people listen less and less to one another. The modern world has created stress and dissonance, and this has resulted in an alienation. I think that in the 45 years since this song was first written, truer words have not been spoken. We have become even more fast-paced. Political correctness is about not listening. It's about arguing. It's about not seeking the truth, but being angry and alienated.

I think this song is one of the most memorable songs of the last 50 years. Some recent polls, have said that this song is overrated. I disagree. It is very wise words of wisdom from a man who was in his early 20s at the time. We have entered a world in the last 50 years where people listen less and less to each other. And by doing so, we also care less about each other

What about Garfunkle? | Reviewer: Parker Collins | 3/14/07

That song is a duet, with Art Garfunkle, as well as Paul Simon. Let's give credit where credit is due.