The Boxer | Reviewer: Daniel G. | 8/1/07

This song is about Paul Simon himself and the pain he went through with critics. He is the Boxer in the song and the story is his journey.

life | Reviewer: Pat O'Halloran | 7/24/07

The Boxer is about whatever you want it to be. While the reviews here suggest that The Boxer is about world peace and social injustice, etc., I think it's also about nothing more complex than simply growing old. The song really begins with "when I left my home and my family I was no more than a boy..." and the last verse says he's "laying out my winter clothes," a line that I think alludes to old age. Everything in between those verses concerns the struggles/fights/wounds/scars anyone gets in life. I'm 64, and was driving across Kansas in the summer of '69, and heard The Boxer on a small town station. The DJ "bleeped" the word "whores" (pronounced "hoors" by Simon). They probably still bleep it in Kansas.

The Boxer | Reviewer: George | 4/21/07

The Boxer is a cry for social justice in Africa,Europe, America,Asia and all over the world.I love the simple story line.

memories | Reviewer: anna | 1/5/06

I am so glad that I bought the Bridge over Troubled Water LP recently, because all of the songs on it are great. This one in particular brings out memories; when I was little, I found those 'bangs' during the 'Lie-la-lie' part very impressive.

More than just a nice tune.... | Reviewer: Jeff P. | 7/15/04

The boxer, while having a nice tune, is much more than that. It's a cry for justice for america's poor combined with a message for them: never stop fighting.