God's Special Providence | Reviewer: Marion M. Rotolo | 9/2/13

I lost my wife, JUDY, in Jan. of 2011. Our youngest daughter,Linda 38, had another baby on Aug. 20, 2013. When our oldest daughter, Kim, found out that Linda had to go back into the hospital after Liam, the baby, was born. She packed a bag and shot down here from Little Rock. The hospital let Linda keep the baby in the room with her while the doctors tried to dissolve the blood clot they found. Kim helped Aaron, Linda's husband, take care of the baby. When the baby was sleeping and Aaron knocked out Kim did research to find a lullaby to use to calm Liam when he got fidgety and restless. She found Paul Simon's St Judy's Comet and it works EVERY time. We all have it on our phones now. There is no doubt in my mind that Liam's grandmother, who he will only see photos of as he grows up, is holding and calming him every time we play this song.

that song is a gift | Reviewer: Dave | 1/22/09

My brother-in-law introduced me to that song way back in the 70s, and I fell in love with the melody and the words. I have a son of my own and sang that song many, many times with him in my mind. Now, that dear brother has passed, and I dedicate the song to his memory. John, "won't you lay your body down" ......
I love you.

beautiful songs | Reviewer: Samuel Tutiven | 6/24/07

Out of all the beautiful songs i heard this was the beautiful of all them all.