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------ performed by Paul Simon

Slip Slidin' Away | Reviewer: Cindy | 9/3/14

I just heard of this song now... I see it as a song of regret but still hopeful for what is ahead of life. God is the hope and we must not let go of it.

Classic Poetry about the failure to appreciate what we have. | Reviewer: Sound-Sop | 8/6/14

Glory Cloud Revelation - Paul Simon is Jewish. Songs are allowed to be interpreted by the listener, but I doubt that this song has any of the biblical meanings to the writer as you pose. Those are in fact your views. It's more likely the more literal translation of the lyrics. This song is about our collective failure to truly appreciate the love that we have in our lives right in front of us. We have more than we think and we get caught up in the minutia of life and fail to appreciate.

Slip Slidin' Away | Reviewer: Glory Cloud Revelation | 3/11/14

Since this song came on twice while I was here, I think I'm supposed to write this review. I've always enjoyed Paul Simon's voice, and the melodies to his songs. However, this time, I've got to say that I don't enjoy the words to this song that much because it's all about losing what's the most important thing next to your relationship with God. That is your relationship with your family that the song says is "slip slidin' away".
The bible says ;Death and Life is in the power of the tongue", " As a man (mankind) thinketh so is he" (Proverbs 18:21)(Proverbs 23:7). Therefore, if we want to take advantage of this ancient wisdom, we need to guard our heart, by guarding what we hear and say. (I do say think that the intention of Paul Simon in emphasizing the "slip slidin away" was to call attention to it, so that we wouldn't let go of what is important to us before we lose it or too much damage is done.
The line of the man loving his woman so much that he thinks he' gonna disappear is, possibly, whether the song writer knew it or not, the conviction to not love anyone more than the LORD. (Revelation 2:4) The father who wanted to bring understanding to his son by communicating to him his reasons behind his decisions. Maybe, let pride or being too busy interfere with a closer relationship that they both needed. I believe, being a song writer, myself, that Paul Simon was trying to call our attention to these things so we could recognize the importance of our relationships being worth the time to enhance before they slip away because he calls what we're slip slidden away from our 'destination'. It's a good song if you understand it enough to bring out the good in you.

delusion | Reviewer: Joe hill | 2/26/13

Amasing song, for me it's about delusion. over come by romantic love as as we all know, lust. we fool ourselves as we are absorbed by it and lost in the stupid activies that result from playing the fool. the wife does not know what a good day is, full of regret for a life not realized believing that if the sun is shining, it,s a good day,a life lost in delusion. the father unable to relate to his son, after leavig his family, the delusion that divorce and physical distance from his son would not have impact. here he can't even talk to his son. And the final delusion, that we all have is going to our jobs, collect our pay and believing that everything is okay because things are not hard on us at the moment, when in fact we are slowing fading away and dying .

Slip Slidin Way | Reviewer: zybbie | 10/2/09

Some ones have a talent to slip and to slid. This talent is easily recognizable to the others who are gliding. These ones in another form live to steal defeat from the jaws of victory. These same ones know God's plan. bladek

Slip Slidin Away | Reviewer: zybbie | 10/2/09

Some ones have a talent to slip and to slid. This talent is easily recognizable to the others who are gliding. These ones in another form live to steal defeat from the jaws of victory. These same ones know God's plan. bladek

hopelessness | Reviewer: Rico | 5/3/08

Every time I hear this song and I listien to Paul Simon quite often, I feel like crying and am saddened. To me the song speaks of the hopeless existence that most of us live, never fullfilling our dreams, afraid to step out of our shallow lifes. The last verse says it all. We life each day collecting our pay, gliding down the highway when in fact we are one day closer to death, slip slidin' away. Ouch, it hurts.

Deep in the heart of man | Reviewer: Humberto Jimenez | 1/21/08

Deep in the heart of man is the sense that there is a destination. Yet, as we move towards it, we also avoid it. Sometimes we don't see that: "Believe we're gliding down the highway when in fact we're slip slidin' away". This is at once very real and very sad. Why does the father just kiss the boy instead of telling him "the reasons for the things he'd done"? Why does the wife lie in bed thinking of what might have been? Yet they trudge on, collect our pay, etc. This slice of life inspires one to move on from merely gliding down the highway, and instead to truly move toward our destiny, that thing which God does know.


You know, a lot of people say that the age of poetry is long past--but this beautiful and moving song shows just how wrong they are. For me, the song points out the overpowering love, commitment and even heroism that exists in everyday life--summed up in a short poem. This is the sort of work that a sixth grader will one day stand in front of his English class and recite with a tear running down his cheek as he thinks about the depth of love that he sees between his Mom and Dad and that he feels from each. Yes, "we work our jobs and collect our pay" each day so that we can go on loving and seeing the majesty of life.

Example of late 20th century American poetry | Reviewer: Kell Morrow | 7/23/07

This song proves that there are still great poets in the world--capable of taking a few short lines and expressing volumes of the positive emotions that keep us all going--love, commitment and an excitement about each new day. One day, if it hasn't already happened, a sixth grader will stand in front of his class reciting this poem with a tear running down his cheek as he thinks about the love that he sees every day between his parents and that he feels from both.

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