Yes, many of us can relate | Reviewer: John | 5/6/10

This has been one of my favorites since it came out (a looong time ago). The words pop into my head every time I think about where I grew up.
I don't think the gun reference is very ominous when I consider it to mean making a move instead of just dreaming. To continue to just dream (or stick around) is to be one of the dead and dying.

My Life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/09

This song does not completely parallel my personal life, but it is my era and what doesn't parallel my life, does parallel events around me.

I grew up believing and fearing God. Believing that he watched me and knew when I made mistakes or acted inappropriately. I remember in elementary school I said the pledge of allegiance and often stared at the wall instead of the flag. I didn't understand patriotism.

After school I would ride my bicycle places where my mother prohibited me from riding.

I remember my mother hanging out clothes to dry and the talk of increased pollution on the news all the time. There have been many days when rain has come and then the sun, but too much smog to see a rainbow.

As I arrived in my teens, I was determined to leave and go somewhere exciting to live out my life. Nothing ever happened here. I did save my money and dream of glory.

The gun is an ominous part however. Friends of mine committed suicide in high school. It was as if you had to have a dream and momentum or you might as well die.

The song takes me back mentally to a darker time in my life where it could have gone either way. Fortunately I still believe in God, I serve him every way I can by serving others. As I have gotten older I realize more and more that I might be the one who keeps that trigger from being pulled. We are all scared and alone without each other. Humanity, charity and kindness are the only things that will pull some through the hard times. We are our brother's keepers, we are watched, and one day we will be held accountable for our stewardship here.