shedding light | Reviewer: me | 6/22/12

the first version of this song was made for a movie called The Graduate were a recent college graduate Benjamin Braddock has an affair with an older married woman, Mrs. Robinson so of course it describes a situation about a woman nameed robinson having an afair stop with all those conspiracy theories

Correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/11

hey bud below me, the song wasnt supposed to be named mrs. robinson it was supposed to be called mrs. roosevelt. Taking in account that simon and garfunkel were an american act its highly unlikely they wrote a song for the prime minister of Ireland's wife

prediction? | Reviewer: Susan | 1/23/10

The words of the song "Mrs Robinson" seem to describe more accurately the situation of Mrs Iris Robinson (the wife of Peter Robinson, the First Minister of Northern Ireland) than the situation of Mrs Robinson in "The Graduate".
In that film Mrs Robinson does not go in to a Psychiatric Home, and in the film there is no religion, politics, or reference to a Nation's lack of role model or loss of ethics in the people that the voters look to.....
But all these things are mentioned in the song and they all apply to Mrs Iris Robinson, who has gone way beyond what the Mrs Robinson in the film did. And the words of the song sound like they were written for the 2010 Mrs Robinson....
An eerie prediction?

Interpreting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/08

the Lyric, for me, I found it a social commentary...On how we live our lives. What we show the public, versus what we keep private-for appearnace sake. What our lives culminate to ("look around the grounds...") the obvious political statement..."either way you look at it you lose" I took as Election talk...and the baseball reference, of course, is our distraction from dealing...our national 'pastimes' the whole competitvie nature of Sports, in realtion to the world ('My team your team-taking sides-control of the ball ((Earth))...)I know, far fetched and most likely way beyond the intended scope of the Song...