Late Entry | Reviewer: Bees | 11/30/11

How do the harmonies go?
Echoing the verses and then?
At the end harmonies are sung lead?
Probably the wrong forum?
Not a haiku?
Not even a limerick?
Definitely not a sonnet?
It was going to be seven lines?

love it | Reviewer: jayden t | 8/20/07

oh my gosh i saw the 1 wif stevie wonder and i fell in love lol well not like i love ma baby gall hahahahaha

love this song! | Reviewer: Jill | 12/27/05

I LOVE this song!! It has a kind of gospel/soul type feel, and it's so much fun to sing along to! And if you don't know the words when singing along, the harmonizing parts are easy to pick up, even the first time you hear it.