Not "single", "sailor" | Reviewer: Klaus Nothnagel | 4/24/14

When I listen to the song, I hear something different than is written in the lyrics here:

"If you took all the girls I knew when I was SAILOR" - not "when I was single".

What do you hear??

Coat of Chrome | Reviewer: WarPony | 2/13/14

Some lyrics you just make up because the words are not always clear (Bennie and the jets" for example by Elton John: walrus suit and electric boobs, etc - ha ha).

I thought he was singing about getting high on spleef- a "coat of chrome" to the mindset would brighten colors and make for a shiney day, so "mamma" don't be a buzz kill. IDK, it was fun to sing when young, even if I only recently thought of its possible meaning.

It Is What It Is | Reviewer: Bob | 1/25/14

I remember hearing an interview with Simon back in 1973, the same year KODACHROME was released and made the charts. He said the song was at face value, that he writes "absolute music," music for music's sake. The lyrics don't have any hidden meaning. They're about taking pictures, that's all.

To those who thought this was a 60's song, sorry, no. And to those looking for some profound message, sorry to disappoint!

crap n stuff | Reviewer: Kitty Conrad | 1/8/14

I'm amazed at how folks will get their shorts in a wad over their varying interpretations of somebody else's "true meaning." My opinion is Ka-ching got it right. But, whatever, I'm surprised that I can't find a website that talks about the original alternative lyrics. In some small towns, the word "crap" was censored. An alternative version played in those markets, with the words: When I think back on all the stuff I learned in high school.

It's not about film | Reviewer: Wayne | 6/11/13

There are various interpretations of the lyrics proposed here, but suffice it to say that the song is NOT about film. Consider the time period during which it was written - the 1960's - Vietnam War era.

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Paul James Harris | Reviewer: Paul James Harris | 10/23/12

I have loved this song for a load of years (trust me I,m 60 and remember when it was released) Its like the rest of Rymin Simon, the greatest album ever!!!!!!!!!

I play these songs when I gig... not as good as the real Paul though

Something So Right


Idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/12

Idk how you can tell us what this song is about when you yourself are not Paul Simon, how can you say that we want kadachrome for your reasoning when Simon himself has changed the lyrics over the years from "everything looks worse in black and white" to "everything looks better black and white." Stop coming up with your theories when they have no weight to it.

Kodachrome, end of song | Reviewer: Dan | 1/16/12

Can anyone tell me what the words are that are sung so quicley at the end of Kodochrome? I sing the song and want to make sure I am completely tru to the song instead of mumbling something. I thatnk you in advance to the person who can tell me!

what it really means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/12

This song is about pop culture. It's about how our minds work on an individual basis and how that translates into our culture. We tend to only remember the good times, and our culture reflects that. The sitcom is the perfect example. 1/2 hour of family goodness every week. Of course, the reality might not exactly measure up to that but we don't want reality, we want kodachrome. It's a brilliant lyric, it's had me thinking for 30 years.

The real meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/11

Here's what the song is really talking about.

This dude is married now. (I you took all the girls I knew when I was single)

His sexual needs are not being met by his wife but he doesn't cheat on his wife physically with other women.

Instead he takes pictures of hot chicks and then looks at them and uses his "sweet imagination" while he um satisfies his sexual desires by himself.

His wife who he calls "Mama" in this song is not happy about his practice of taking photos of girls and then doing 'you know what with the photos' and she wants him to stop I.e. Mama wants to take his kodachrome away.

He is worried that if his wife does put a stop to his picture taking then he will cheat on her for real.

This review needs no title. | Reviewer: This author needs no name | 5/10/11

This is a very nice popsong and all together expresses a deep and honest rejection of morale and asthetic principles and intellectual dissection in favour of immediate perception of eternal truth and happiness.
At least i think so.

Randy | Reviewer: Randy | 3/5/11

Always loved this song as it is part of history. The many meanings others may think this song is about are very interesting but takes nothing away about the fact it comes from a simplier time in the past when every second word was not about killing, breaking the law and screwing. Oh, the music had more than one beat. Still feel privileged to grow up in a era when the song writing made a personb feel good.

thx for the info, but | Reviewer: J | 2/22/11

This song is so annoying when a person doesn't know what the hell he's saying. OH! Kodachrome! What the fuck is that?
Excuse me, but this song needs to die, and be catalogued for those people who would like to unbury the true meaning and essence of this song.

Ka-Ching! | Reviewer: Landon | 8/11/10

When I was young, this was a fun song one summer. I think it is silly to make up dramatic nonsense about its meaning. Its real meaning is related to my title: Ka-Ching! was the sound made by old manual cash registers, and symbolizes the TONS of money Paul Simon made from a song that he recognized as catchy enough to keep people singing it, and disk jockeys to play it. It's like the top singers today--it's all about MONEY, guys!