Wonderful song. | Reviewer: Lupita. | 10/17/07

I heard of this song because of the movie "Cops and Robbertsons". I liked it very much and everytime listen to that song It reminds me Mr. Jack Palance, who died a year ago. He starred that movie with Chevy Chase.

I love kodachrome | Reviewer: chris | 7/3/07

this song is so cool. I love the lyrics because I can relate to them and they are great. They are such great singers every time I take a picture I think of them.

Nikon and Music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/07

I can't take a picture with my nikon and not have this song pop up in my head!

What a Great Poet | Reviewer: Greg | 4/13/07

Almost everything he did in this time period is fantastic. This was one of his upbeat tunes that just makes you feel good. Sit back and listen to his lyrics close, the man knows how to write.