Hearts & Bones... top of the world | Reviewer: Martin Bouwman | 5/4/13

To me this Paul Simon album is Top of the world. I can't pick out on song. There all beautiful. Al di Meola on Allergies... Two songs with the same title... but different! Rene & Georgette.... love these folks. And than his tribute to Jonny Ace and John Lennon, makes me shiver. Still, after all these years.

I am a child of eighties | Reviewer: carl | 12/16/12

I am a product and child of the eighties, and just found this. Having grown up in midwest then moved west, I got the new wave stuff, but missed the trail end of Simon's career, sadly. I was never indoctrinated. Then, for last ten years assumed he would be a sassy lib, but not so! He is cogent, far from presumptuous, uses his voice like a violin, and I have played only one side, over and over, for two days, on my turntable. It's easy to do. Thanks. I had a young friend at Evergreen State College once, and she said that you passed her when she went to New York City. Both alone, in a hotel entrance, Mr. Simon smiled and said hello. That stuck with me for years before I appreciated this album.