the master | Reviewer: Brett | 4/18/11

Paul Simon, the master at creating a mood in his songs. The meeting of the ideal beauty in the memory of a past love and the sadness of reality-- going on with life without that person after it fades away. Bittersweet. But always attached to that person. Always a piece of you missing that stays imbedded in her/him. Almost subconsciously you long for it all to be restored, but you know it will never be, in all likelihood, because that memory is frozen in time, and both of you are ever changing. Life paths have diverted.

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/07

One of the most beautiful Paul Simon songs. This song speaks of the overwhelming feeling of love and that no matter how passionate the feelings are sometimes it is just not right. The couple splits up but their experiance together binds them for life. Sad ending but a beautiful message. Not sure if it is the most appropriate song for a wedding but we used it anyways. Our hearts and bones can't be undone.