10 years or It's yesterday once more! | Reviewer: Priscila-Brazil | 7/4/13

I'm in heaven! Listening to Graceland after more than 10 years, I have the same trembling feeling that africa's drums and harmony cause in my hole body!! Absolutely wonderfull! Sometimes I forget about Paul Simon just to smile while listening to his compositions. Huge fan, what can I say...

25 years on | Reviewer: Old Pete | 7/6/12

It was amazing then and seems even more amazing now. The wonderful African contribution, the faultless arrangement with Paul's genius is just magic and I think one of the best albums ever made.

King Rhymin Simon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/05

Graceland is still a Masterpiece and a joy to listen to. Paul Simon has proven over and over what a master composer and lyricist he is. Would like to hear him release more as fresh and vibrant as Graceland. Tom

LOVE LOVE LOVE this CD | Reviewer: laura | 7/6/04

After all these years its still one of my all time favs.