duncan | Reviewer: tonyfromscotland | 7/5/13

this beautiful song is on a live album i had on record and finaly i found it on cd, what a joy,memories of youth gone bye.if you only own 1 paul simon make it live rhymin. not to be confused whith there goes rhymin simon, buy pour yourself a drink and let paul relax and entertain you with amazing songs and harmonies

This album was my first love. | Reviewer: james mandolare | 3/22/13

This was the first album I fell in love with and "Duncan" was the first song I learned to play on the guitar because I had to sing this song. You see my first love was a sweet petite Born Again "Way Ministry" Christian. I was into Hinduism at the time as well but she couldn't dig my Universal approach to spirit. Sad to say we broke up in the rain with the bible in her lap getting wet. Funny she said she cheated on me with a guy she picked up in a bar called "Captain Easy"! Talk about hard core Christian hypocrisy! I was crushed but this song-and me and my twin brother sang it a lot-it healed me. I recently started to play it again after many years but I couldn't remember the first verse! I got the rest of it down. Thanks for being here.

For my fingers | Reviewer: MobiusDick | 2/13/13

The reason he is thanking god for his fingers is that is how he feels the world. From his sheltered life with his parents to his first experience with a woman, beautiful, but both significant (even now that sweet memory lingers) and insignificant (a nameless girl, who befriended him like a dog.) But, ultimately his survival involved escape and experiencing the world by seeing it and feeling it himself. It opened up the great big world to him, far from the vast empty, meaningless space of the great ocean (all he ever knew up to then.)

Thank you lord, thank you for fingers | Reviewer: Fisherman | 6/4/12

Duncan is an great song and an even greater story. Is he thanking the lord for his fingers because in them rests his musical talents or becuase there lingers, for memory's sake, the aroma of his love making session with the preacher girl or both? Do we know? Yearws ago a friend would play this song and draw his finger under his nose in closing out the song/ We'd all have a laugh.

I named my oldest son Duncan

most touching love story | Reviewer: michael | 1/26/10

this moving piece was perfect for the closing scene of this incredible love story 10 ITEMS OR LESS. It was such a heartwarming, and heartbreaking moment when they said their farewell. Beautiful music. Perfect for the moment

My own music suggestion, Paul. | Reviewer: Joram Arentved | 9/13/09

God didn't approve of me, therefore I'm happy to let you receive this my repeated music-labor sug-gestion, which is just my own testimony to being happy to be an honest man, so that I can of course
tell & e.g. help us all find out &, whoever's who,
our best answers to, - sorry, to be continued, greetings, arentved@in.com, Santiago, Chile, (I was still born as a Dane).

Spellbinding!!!! | Reviewer: Aparna | 5/23/09

Just like most of you here, even i heard this song in the movie 10 items or less. And was spell bound for that entire part of the movie while this beautiful and haunting theme worked its magic in the background. I couldn't catch the lyrics quite well and thought that it was called as "New Sweet England" and searched in google with that. You can imagine what kinda results would have thrown up.

But am glad that i've finally found the lyrics and the song as well. And it all happened on my birthday .... talk about miracles :D

Life can be beautiful ! | Reviewer: Vijay | 2/24/09

it is so positive and hopeful and it just saves me from melancholia. It cured me of my depression.. and the musictoo, as well as the lyrics.. it made me featherlight and happy.
I wish it spreads again..more and more.. from ear to ear, mouth to mouth

duncan | Reviewer: Mehmet Oguz Divilioglu | 9/10/08

The song hit me while watching the movie "10 items or less", i was frozen and out of words - hypnotized. The song overcome even the most beautiful scenes passing on the screen, while the song played. It's the few pure melodies of duncan that i'd like to hear on my last breath.

Mesmerizing and Beautiful | Reviewer: T | 5/19/08

I, too, first heard this song when I watched the movie 10 Items or Less, and can't believe that I never heard it before! It definitely had been hidden to me, and I feel it deserves a lot more popularity than it got. The fact that it doesn't seem to be as popular as many of Paul Simon's other songs makes it, of course, a true gem.

Still cool after all these years | Reviewer: Annieanne | 3/14/08

First heard this song over thirty years ago and it's still just as real and honest now as it was then. Ahhh, the poigniancy of youth... Check out the demo version of this on Paul Simon ('72) - available on i-tunes.

Duncan by Paul Simon | Reviewer: Herb Ratchford | 6/17/07

Thanks for this opportunity to locate the words, I was blown away byt the song when i heard it in the move "10 items or less", it was the best part of the movie....

duncan the best | Reviewer: devdeep | 5/12/07

duncan is an amazing track that has captured my mood like no other, paul sings and literally tells a story that one can visualize with the greatest of ease,a pity that i discovered this track after listenung to paul in for the first time, you can call me al

Duncan in "10 Items or Less" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/07

I am amazed how this song seemed to have been buried for so many years. When I heard Duncan being played at the end of "10 Items or Less", it actually gave me the chills. It was spectacular.

touching | Reviewer: mal | 4/16/07

this song first caught my ear when it appeared in the indie film "10 items or less". it's very moving and the melody is mesmerizing. leave it to paul simon to bring it.