we've lived so wel so long | Reviewer: Dorazou | 11/7/14

I've lost my children and grandchildren to life. They are lost to me and they were happy to lose me.
This song is for a great deal about us.
Before this private tragedy is was about America and the western world.

back to the music | Reviewer: Rosie | 1/18/14

say whatever you want about political views, but the great part about this song is that it means something different to everyone who hears it, like all great art does. for me, this song makes me remember how i felt after hearing the news that my good friend committed suicide. the lines "im all right, im all right. im just weary to my bones. still you dont expect to be bright and bon vivant, so far away from home. so far away from home." completely sums up how i felt after crying my eyes out for several hours. the song is universal, and i dont believe that it was a political statement. at the time it was written, alot of shit was going on with the war and politics, but the song itself is paul simon singing about how he felt. how stretched thin his soul was from all the terrible things happening around him. how he just needed to get some rest.

Is time a straight line | Reviewer: Donal (Ireland) | 8/27/13

I haerd this song as a teneager, loved it but didn't understand it. Heard it the week after 9/11 and cried my eyes out. Even down to "tommorow's goin' to be another working day and I'm trying to get some rest" . Do you remember Mayer Juliano asked people in New Yotrk that night to go home, get some rest and come in to work the next morning. Wierd but always beautiful.

Touches me deeply | Reviewer: Michael C | 1/30/13

The first time I heard this was in the 70's. What struck me about it wasn't the words, it was the tune. This piece is a riff off of J.S.Bach's cantata, "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded" (I don't know the German title). Bach in turn riffed it from Hans Leo Hassler. But oh my God it is sweet and rich.

My God! | Reviewer: Fernando | 12/10/12

Obama? Bush? This song was written in the aftermath of the Vietnam war and is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to those who lived those very *uncertain hours*. Im not an American but was living there when the song came out and was deeply touched by it. Paul Simon is one of the greatest chansoniers ever.

Grow up, children | Reviewer: IPSE | 11/7/11

You idiots! Paul Simon wrote the song in 1972 in reaction to President Nixon's clobbering of George McGovern. Your precious Obama was a child, even less mature than he is now, when this beautiful anthem to melancholy was written. Get over it, everything is not about your pathetic self-centered generation.

Stan the clueless | Reviewer: justthefacts | 8/27/11

"transferring wealth from the working taxpayer to the elite"? Why did he give tax cuts to average Americans then, and why are the elite so pissed with him & working against him?
Ron Paul is not who you think he is: ( read the article all the way )

a great cover | Reviewer: Obamanation of Desolation | 11/16/10

I just heard Eva Cassidy's cover of this song. It is really beautiful. I normally don't like covers but hers is amazing - which only brings us back to the original with greater appreciation. It's one of those songs that grows on you with time. I never considered the lyrics much when it was a radio hit [I was in 5th grade or thereabout] but now I recognize the brilliance of the poetry.
"We've lived so well so long..."
It is also a prophetic song in many ways. And patriotic as well...

Not Obama's song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/10

One man cannot undo the excesses of the last decade and even the last 200 years. We have long lived on the backs of the poor. Slaves, cheap overseas labor. This country is spoiled We forgot to challenge ourselves and we forgot our ethics. Don't dump this on one man. It takes a lot of thoughtless people to make our messes, and we have been spoiled for generations.

Paul Simon just saw it coming. Genius.

A look back on An American Tune | Reviewer: feudi pandola | 4/22/10

Reading the lyrics of this song brought back so many memories, so many. Paul Simon is a genius. Given. The song is Simon at his melancholic best, which is great! Some folks are alcoholic, Paul Simon is melancholic. Just read that Paul and Artie are playin the Borgata soon in Atlantic City. Now that's melancholy to the Nth power, but also sort of kool. But only if you spell it with a K...

A Great Song | Reviewer: tudor | 2/26/10

I am aware of the links to Obama but I thought the point of this was to comment on the song. I first heard it on an Album I picked up in the 70's called Live Rhymin and thought 'What a great song' Hearing it in context with its classical forbear makes it even more poignant

To the guy whos European and saying stuff about Obama: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/09

If your not american then dont hate on Obama. If you are American and are still hating on Obama, then read a book about all the good he has done in our country. Know the facts; I mean the real facts

Obama's song??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/09

Stan you got it right.
Obama isn't the change he promised to be. and that should be VERY obvious by now...

Bush bailed out bankers. Obama does it on an unequaled scale
Bush started evil wars, but Obama isn't pulling out the troops.
Under bush all sorts of unconstitutional laws were put in place after 9/11, obama isn't gonna sign some EOs and have them removed.
He's not talking about abolishing the FED (witch is the root cause of the current economic predicament)
Obama isn't talking about removing troops out of over 200 countries worldwide and breaking down the empire (wich will happen anyway soon, but in a not so nice way)

I'm from Europe, but if I could vote i'd have gone for Ron Paul The only candidate who has any clue what's going on in your country and how to really solve the problems.
maybe 2012 Ron, but I think it will be to late...

Stan is not the man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/09

poor stan. you couldn't have gotten it more wrong.

The song questions the excesses of the United States--in the Bush era, this took the form of imperialistic war based upon deceit, torture, the murder of thousands and thousands of innocent civilians, plundering of the economy by the very rich, and so on. But the puppet Bush is just one chapter in a long story.

Despite these concerns, the song is with a spirit of compassion, empathy, strength, trust and world-weary wisdom. Despite all that could be better, the singer reminds us, it's truly "all right".

I'm not sure you're asking Why, stan, but if you do, the answer can be found in the verse that states, We come in the age's most uncertain hours and sing an American tune. That is, we make something good and beautiful in the midst of things that are neither.

Simon's preview of now | Reviewer: Stan Moore | 4/11/09

I checked out a DVD of old Dick Cavett shows featuring rock icons and saw Paul Simon sing this song around 1974 on the show.

The Arab Oil Embargo then was a preview of the Age of Peak Oil, where we find ourselves now. Unfortunately, Barack Obama chooses to bamboozle gullible Americans into thinking it will be all right and we can have further economic growth, even has he lays plans for a police state and transfers wealth from the working taxpayer to the elite.

Barack Obama is at the very heart of the problem, and is a further catalyst for what has gone terribly wrong for America. Wars for Empire and engineering of wealth transfer to the elite are hallmarks of Obama and the Bushes and America's future is truly bleak.

Stan Moore