please do | Reviewer: tom odaniels | 5/29/07

getting out of the scratchiest raspiest relationshiip in the world to date...very glad for this song...its calm raspiness in contrast to the nutty rasp of my lover, it exudes patent kindness in a nutcase world of whoever happens to be your lover

original is still best!! | Reviewer: gia^_,^ | 5/5/07

hai!! i heard bamboo's rock version of this song... it's good..but people should keep in mind that their version was good because the song was already great. the original is simple, broken-down, and straight-up with no frizz. =D

new revival... better version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07

this local band in our country revived that song and it sounded much better! really! i like it!

GOOD ADVICE FOR WORN OUT RELATIONSHIPS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

this song represents true to life relationship experiences.Slip out the back Jack,drop off the key Lee and set yourself free.Beautiful.

so true | Reviewer: jean | 4/12/07

i love this song....reminds me of someone

tis all true......... | Reviewer: K | 10/27/06

Been involved with this man for the last few months- control freak.....been trying to get myself free. Met an irishman who sung this song to me as I spoke to him about this.

constantly stuck in my head | Reviewer: lauren | 10/4/05

it's a quiet melody that calms the mind. i seem to catch myself singing it quiely in public when i'm nervous... it's soothing. with the slow strumming of the guitar and paul simon's raspy-whisper voice you wonder why it isn't on the radio more often. i love this song to know end.