With A Little Luck | Reviewer: Dawn Kenyon | 9/1/10

This song has been one of my favorite songs of all times...it just grabs and take hold..born in the late 60's..I will always hold this song dear to me....Paul McCartney...you ROCK..sad to say when you're gone there will be no other just the nusic you will leave us...THANK YOU for all the magic you make with your music....love ya

McCartney Gold | Reviewer: Christopher | 8/7/10

Paul McCartney is the rock era's most commercially successful composer. He's a very fine tune smith and this composition is one of his best efforts with Wings. He's always written great songs but for some reason he seems to do his best work when working with others - the Beatles and Wings.

With a Little Luck was a staple on pop and adult contemporary radio at the end of the 1970's. And it still stands up today as a good song. Keep up the good work Paul.