lullaby | Reviewer: omar | 5/19/14

This song is a beautiful lullaby. I hummed it all day. Strange melody: some pentatonic, some unisono gregor. aspect, then other melodic aspects, and Sir Paul really takes his time to sing it.No rushing.
Also funny faces he makes in the video.
I would'nt have no doubt singing it to a kid or so before going to sleep.
Anyway, my light, my flower, Jah live.

Hnschen Klein | Reviewer: omar | 5/19/14

Beautiful lullaby. Like Hnschen Klein. Mummy always used to sing it to me. It made me sad, because I did'nt want mummy to cry. But still I was a (spiritual) wanderer...
Sir Paul: Thank you. I will hum it. Omar .

Glossy motorcar | Reviewer: Lee | 9/3/11

I never realised how clever the lyrics are to this song until recently. Beautifully sung. I love "don't run after motor cars, please stay on the side, someone's glossy motor car, might take you for a ride." Ain't that true in life