Bravo Sir Paul | Reviewer: Sparkina | 12/20/13

McCartney is indeed a genius, and this tune is brilliant, what with the sound effects and all, BUT, I think he is saying I'm going to REIGN, R-E-I-G-N. Like, he is singing from the viewpoint of a boy who's going to rule the house, be man of the house, now that all the adults are gone

I'm gonna rain = I'm gonna cry | Reviewer: Michael Newman | 3/10/10

"But there's no one left at home
And I believe I'm gonna rain..."
and then McCartney brings in the thunder and rain sounds...
Brilliant composition:
I'm gonna rain = I'm gonna cry - a masterful use of words and sounds together to paint a beautiful picture. A composer of unequaled stature in modern music. McCartney is a GENIUS!