Too much rain | Reviewer: Natalie | 7/28/11

I hand painted the lyrics to this song on my wall and everyone that comes in reads it and is always telling me how much they can relate to it:) And they always tell me that they like Paul a lot and want that song:) I <3 it!

This song can help you when your down :) | Reviewer: Tony | 2/8/08

Too much rain is the song of life, one that you can understand, one that you can relate to, one that you can feel. When life hits you in the face and turns you upside down it really does feel like too much rain, just too much pain and sadness for anyone and this song sums it up, the music and lyrics fit so well. This song is just brilliant.
Thanks Paul, your music has helped me through the times when I have had too much rain.


from Buenos Aires | Reviewer: Graciela | 7/29/07

I¨m writing form Argentina, I¨ms orry for my english, is really bad. But this Paul¨song make me speak and write in english!!!! It´s good for my heart and my soul, and the hearts and souls for mmany peole I know for there, all of them, I include, faith for a simply, happy and peaceful life. My work is around pain (i¨m a psycho analyst!) and I´m listening everyday the pain of life. Thanks so much Paul for your sesitivity abuaot it and your lyrics to be happy. I love yoy very, very much and I hope you come to Argentina again.

Too Much Rain | Reviewer: Winston | 1/25/06

This song is one the masses can connect with. It has the uncanny ability to identify the pain and agony of life and simple solution that we tend to forget. Paul says that there is too much Rain in people's lives. Too much pain. All we want, he concludes is a happy and peaceful life. So, learn to laugh!

Hearing this reminded me of when the Beatles sang live at the NEMS awards and Paul told everyone in the crowd to have a laugh. That was about 35 years before.
Thanks Paul. I owe ya, again!