Reviews for This Never Happened Before Lyrics

Performed by Paul McCartney

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Loved it | Reviewer: Angela | 9/29/06

I also heard this song for the first time because of the movie "The Lake House" and I loved it. I'll be running out first thing tomorrow and finding where I can pick it up and have it forever. It's up there now with my all time favorite love songs.

wow | Reviewer: Der Meister | 9/22/06

Mygirlfriend sent me this song for our three month anniversary and i've been listening to it all day ever since. It is truly a remarkable song and would make a person who is in love really happy and blissful.

like being shot in the arm with a needle full of love | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/16/06

I saw The Lake House today at the movies - its beautiful. Paul McCartney's This Never Happened Before has captivate me - I came straight home to download it and I know I'll still be playing it at 1am when I should be asleep. Poignant, lovely, simple, heart wrenching and saturated in hope.

tasty sarrow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/06

I'm listening it. I actaully learned it from the movie-"The lake house". The sone suits the movie perfectly. If you are interested it, go see the movie and you'd know what I mean by "Tasty sarrow"~
Love it---

Delicious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/06

Delicious! Of course, Paul is the one to create such a lovely melody and such warm, heart-felt lyrics. My daughter and fiance will dance to this as their first dance as husband and wife. Thank you, Paul, for once again filling my heart.

Heart wrenching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/05

Anyone who really knows what its like to be in love will melt when they hear this! Simple and anthemic as only Mccartney can do "this never happened before is a heart felt tune that lifts the spirit and reminds us that lovers are still doin it!

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