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Performed by Paul McCartney

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great love song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/07

This Never Happened Before is one of the most beautiful and romantic love songs ever. Paul McCartney is a genius. No one can wright love songs the way he does. I'm simply melting when I hear this one. It even made me cry when I first heard it. Wonderful song

have just heard it now,then i love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/07

i heard it from the movie the lake house its great movie with the great song

Like falling into a dream | Reviewer: Kay | 3/19/07

I too heard this song last year when i watched 'The Lakehouse' and i did intend to download it but somehow it slipped my mind. Then last night my sister and her bf put it on and immediately i ran to get a good seat and a mug of hot chocolate. How much do i wish i was Sandra Bullock in that scene where they're dancing?!?!
This song is sooo beautiful, it puts me under a beautiful spell and is the defintion of 'love' for me.....even more so since me and the man i truly love have split up....everytime i hear this song it reminds me how much i love him...and how much we should be together...i love this song!

If you love this try "As the world falls down" by David Bowie

Amazingly moving and tender | Reviewer: MCF | 1/27/07

I have seen the movie "The Lake House" 4 or 5 times so far. Each time I see it again, Paul McCartney's tune, This never happened before, raises goosepimples on my arms out of emotion. I immediately realized it was one of Paul McCartney's songs because it was very like him. I was sort of urged to get its lyrics right away so that I could make this song my own. Congratulations, Paul, on such a beautiful song!!

OMG!!!! | Reviewer: Petie86 | 1/9/07

I recently borrowed The Lake House from work. As soon as I heard this song I started sobbing. Then I found out who it was by and downloaded and now I can't stop listening to it. *Sigh* It's such a beautiful song. Even my mum's addicted to it now.

heavan and peace | Reviewer: Lynn | 12/26/06

Wow, I just watched the film Lake house, and loved the song, hadn't a clue who was singing it I hate to admit, but loved it so much, I looked it up, saw it was Paul and so ordered it from ebay straight away!! My first ever McCartney albumn at the age of 47 - shame on me!! but I am hooked now to this song.

This neva happened before | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/06

I liked this song when I listened to it. Now I want to listen again. It was great soundtrack for the Lake House.

Anyone know where I can download this song?
I am broke. But i need this song.

McCartney just keeps getting better | Reviewer: Zach Warner | 10/31/06

I am a huge McCartney/Beatles fan, and it amazes me how Sir Paul continues to put together great love songs that really touch the heart. I saw the movie Lake House as well, and immediately loved the song. McCartney has an amazing way of writing songs that are simple yet deep and heart-felt all at the same time. It was a great fit for the romantic theme of the movie. Paul just keeps rocking!

ROMANCE LIVES | Reviewer: Perry | 10/21/06

I have been in love with Paul McCartney's love songs since the beginning of his career with the Beatles. I was 12 yrs old.
I just saw Lake House and new immediately it was classic Paul McCartney.
I cried at the end of the movie too...Great film!
Thank you Paul, for all the love songs.

the lake house | Reviewer: Georgia | 10/20/06

I saw The Lake House on the plane back to Australia and this song suited the dancing bit of the movie. It was so romantic!! i will definatly getting this movie when its out in Australia!!

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