the best of the rest | Reviewer: g dog beatles fan | 4/24/07

paul you are the greatest person/singer/artist/musician in the world and there is no doubt about that .

The Greatest | Reviewer: Kenney Ison | 3/30/07

As a listener only to music and not a musician, I can say that when the God of this Universe decides to put an end to this Earth and History ( His story) as we know it, Lennon & McCartney will be put before names such as Mozart and Beethoven as the greatest musicians whom ever lived !!!!

Sir Paul McCartney | Reviewer: Rory James Mahon | 3/29/06

I am a bassist, and you are THE BEST musician to walk the earth. You, Lennon, Harrison, and Ringo are the best combination and my favorite and I say the best band to ever play.

Much Love.

Paul McCartney is A Musical Genuis! | Reviewer: fab4fan | 10/27/05

Paul McCartney is a true musical genuis and even brilliant classical composer Leonard Bernstein said John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the two most brilliant song composers of the 20th century! So did Elton John on a 1991 CBs morning show and Brian Wuilson say this about them on a 1995 Nightline Beatles tribute show. Ozzy Osbourne is even quoted in a 2001 online Bender Magazine interview saying Paul McCartney is a genuis and The Beatles are The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth! Paul McCartney's father Jim MCartney was naturally musically very talented and he taught himself to play the piano at a young age and he became an acclomplished classical jazz pianist and the leader of his own jzz band called Jim Mac's band and they played in clubs in the 1930's. Paul inherited this musical talent from his father and he got it to an exteme! Paul and Wings recored an instrumental song that his father wrote called Walking in The Park With Eloise and they included it on The Wings At The Speed of Sound album.

Paul has also always been a great singer and bass player and there is a great web site called The Evolution of Rock Bass Playing McCartney Style by Denis Alstrand and in it Stanley Clarke,Billy Sheehan,Will Lee and Sting all say what a great,melodic influential bass player Paul has been! The Rolling Stone Album Guide also calls Paul a remarkable bass player and calls John and Paul the two greatest song writers in rock! Paul McCartney was given a special award from The Guiness World of Records in the fall of 1979 as the most successful song writer of all time! And the most covered of all time! Paul's wonderful midwife nurse Mary McCartney died of breast cancer when Paul was only 14 and he says in his authorized biography Many Years From Now by Barry Miles,that 12 years after she died he had a vivid dream where he saw her alive and she told him to just accept things as they are and when he woke up he thought how wonderful it was to see her again,and that's when he wrote the beautiful song Let it Be. And when he sings the lines,When I find Myself in Times Of Trouble Mother Mary Comes To Me Speaking Words Of Wisdom Let it Be,it's his mother Mary he's singing about!

My favorite solo/Wings albums are Red Rose Speedway and Venus and Mars and Band On The Run is very good too!

I Love You,Sir Paul McCartney. | Reviewer: abeatlesfan | 10/14/05

"No Words" for "My Love" for you, Sir Paul!
"Don't ever ask me why...."
And I also admire you for your superb talent and your modesty.
Wish you all,all the best!

Love you with all my heart,
A fan of yours at a remote corner in this Earth planet.

I love your albums "RAM" & "Band on the Run" best!