30/08/2014 what i used to listen | Reviewer: jose cortes | 8/31/14

listening to this lovely song it seems that it brings me back when i was about 10, MY 5 brothes and i listened and trying to understand... defenetely this is a great graet SONG

ROCK &ROLL AT IT'S BEST | Reviewer: JOHN COLEMAN | 4/15/14

Miss the 60's very much.We did not need cell phones,video games,the internet etc.(I know they did not exist) you get what I mean.I drove around all weekend in my 66 VW on $3 worth of gas.Thankful that I had the privlage.Bless you all!!

..and STILL great!! | Reviewer: William | 12/18/12

This song was great in 1973 and in 2012 Paul is still rockin' it! Many entertainers will come and go but this song will live on.

This song in particular | Reviewer: Benjamin | 5/29/12

I remenber when i was 16 in 1994 i heard this song every day, i remember my first imposible love, my first rock group, and the wonderfull years ago. But the first memory of this song was in 1980 in the VW of my father at 6 or 7 pm when the sun is red and the sky is gold in an old cassete tape recorded from the radio in AM frecuency. This song makes me fell live.

It happened so quick | Reviewer: Carlos Uribe | 5/3/12

this song reminds me when i was 13 years old and I was playing foozeball at the bus station, the one my granda ma told us not to go to. 1985 came and went but those memories of this song will live on in 2012 and beyond

Amen Kiki | Reviewer: MaceMn | 6/5/11

How can it get any better than this?
I was born in '60 and I thank the Gods that I was around to enjoy tunes like this when they 1st came out. For me there are bittersweet memories attached to this song. Many of my family and good friends are long gone. Enjoy the times you and you sister have to share. They'll pass quicker than you may realize at your age. Rock on!

1985!!!! | Reviewer: KiKi | 2/3/11

I love how Paul McCartney sings this song with passion!
Its just a fun song!
The Beatles Forever!
Paul McCartney & Wings Forever!
Good music forever!
Born in '93 and music today sucks but i like music like this! My little sister loves this song!